Lions restructure Goff's contract


Well there you have it folks… we’re locked in. And they have their eyes a on a few more vets.


$15m? Jeez. Who’s even left to sign or is there a trade in the works? I’m just wondering why they need all this flexibility towards the end of the hot portion free agency. They had enough flexibility before this to sign their draft picks, right?


This tells me the Lions do not intend to rollover and die this year. It look like the Lions might be about to sign a DB or two that they really need, one (or two) that might be more expensive than they could previously afford. Or maybe an LB, they’re kinda short there too.

It also sends a message (IMHO) that they see Goff as good enough to get the Lions at least to the playoffs, but they know the rest of the team isn’t good enough yet. The next few days could be interesting.


I see it the same way. Hoping they left us options at QB. I’m thinking Goff will succeed here. I’m hoping they safeguarded it so that he’s either tradable, or cut able if they choose to go another direction. Feels like they have faith in him, and I’m aware I’m just being overly cautious. I have faith in him too, just have seen decades of Lions football go sideways. LOL.

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Wow…that trade just keeps getting better and better so far.

  1. @DeadStroke has been calling this shot for weeks.

  2. Yaaaayyy! More money!


One thought they can roll over what they dont spend right?

See how the season is going and if they are contending they have late funds to upgrade or replace injuries and if not they add millions into next years pool. Max flexibility


The deadcap cost to cut him:

2021 - $40m same as before
2022 - $30m (was $15m)
2023 - $10m (was $0)
2024 - $5m (was $0)

The deadcap cost to trade him:

2021 - $20m (was $0)
2022 - $15m (was $0)
2023 - $10m (was $0)
2024 - $5m (was $0)

It makes it very likely Goff will be starting in 2022 IMO.

Curious to see what Holmes does with the extra $15m.


Yep this move is only made if they view Goff as the quarterback through at least 2022. They had 9mil in cap space which was definitely enough to make a couple low level signings and the draft picks work. The only reason they do this is because they have a plan to add to this team right now. They could have waited and done this whenever they wanted to to free up cap space. This was done because they need the space now so I’m guessing there is a trade in the works.


They would’ve waited until training camp to do that and restructured just what they thought they needed.

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I like that they converted only 15. There’s a little elbow room this year without creating too much of a future hit. When you combine it with Stafford’s dead money, we’re still spending over 30 mil of cap space on QB’s this year.

ETA (looking at his numbers, we’re looking at 30-ish mil cap hits this year thru 2024, counting the 19 mil dead money for Stafford we’re eating this year.)

I hope the money is available to trade for a proven player instead of a FA.

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We should look at cut veterans, likely with connections to the staff. Maybe trai turner, kenny Vaccaro, or maybe a trade? Anyone else fit that back 7 or OL group and won’t impact the comp pick formula?

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Spot on. This puts a big stamp of support behind Goff being your QB through 2022. But Holmes also has an “out” with two 1rst round picks in 2023, if Goff fails to meet expectations.

Why would we make this move now, and not after the draft? This clears some of that smoke screen of us possibly drafting a QB at #7 overall. Would we draft a rookie QB and sit them until 2023? I feel like we lost some of our leverage in the draft, and the only explanation for not waiting 5 weeks to do Goff’s restructure…is they have a trade/signing in the works.

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Thx @Slay - Looks like a two year audition – so really nothing has changed except that its slightly more painful to cut him or trade him in 2023. It would be great if he lights it up, but I hope we don’t count on it.

Seems like its been done to make space for a salary dump trade. We’ve helped out the Rams a bit, its probably the Saints turn now. Get a day 2 pick, a day 3 pick and a $10m contract in exchange for a day 3 pick.

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I have also been a guy seeing this coming ever since the trade for Goff. If you didn’t see it that is because you may have been pushing a narrative the Lions never shared. As soon as we secured Goff I think the Lions went into “build right but build to win now” mode. We no longer need to start a rookie QB. Goff doesn/t buy us time…he makes us competitive right now.

With all this $ we now have I expect trades now. Brockers is secure but we still have holes on this roster. Brad Holmes’s job is to field the best team he can within the budget he has that makes us competitive now but also doesn’t limit us in the future.

We are set mostly at a couple positions including:

  1. QB
  2. TE
  3. RB
  4. DE
  5. The OL minus depth at swing tackle and maybe back up center. Not a huge concern at all.

That leaves CB, safety, LBer, DT and WR left to work on.

I could see a couple guys worth looking at including CB Gareon Conley (26 in June) and K’Waun Williams might be a solid slot CB as well as safety but I think a trade might be what we want to watch for.

If we were to trade to one big name player at a position of need who might that be? I have been saying for a while now that the Washington football team and DT Jonathan Allen is a team and guy I am watching. He and Brockers might make a lot of sense.

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Just throwing out a few obvious names that come to mind.

Marcus Williams
Marshon Lattimore
Rob Havenstein
Mike Williams
Allen Robinson?
Roquan Smith?

I know in division trade rarely happen, but just throwing some names out there.