Lions roster preview: Josh Paschal has signs of a Year 3 breakout season

We definitely need some signs when it comes to the Triangle:


I knew my eyes weren’t lying, I saw flashes of a real player… when he was healthy.

He’s really had bad luck with injuries his first couple of years, even if it hasn’t completely ruined seasons for him. And honestly I think that’s why so many on here think he’s a jag… his play when he’s hurt is pretty nondescript. But when he’s actually healthy he’s a force, as the article alludes to. He just needs to stay healthy.


This is the Magic Year 3 for Holmes picks!
As we’ve discussed, i don’t think Paschal will ever be a big double digit sack guy. But he can be what AG wants from his Big End.
Set a firm edge against the run, while pressing the pocket and forming a backstop and containment of the QB for pressure from Hutch and inside.
To date the Big Ends have performed well against the run but have not been able to press the pocket against individual blockers. They also haven’t been able to form a backstop a get sacks of QB’s pressured by Hutch & McNeill (1st & 2nd in team pressures).
Paschal & Davenport could provide a good combination at the position supplemented by a designated pass rusher like Houston or Betts.


Definitely has had some good plays mixed in. Hard to develop when you keep getting hurt. He missed all of training camp his rookie year, and then more last year. Kinda sounds like Jamo’s career so far too. Both have talent if they can stay on the field.

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If he could be a 6-7 sacks a year guy with a chunk of TFLs in the running game, I’d be happy with that.


I think you’re both underselling him, I think he can hit that 10 number regularly. With the caveat that he has to stay healthy of course. We’ll see.


Y’all are banking on Paschal to break out idk why

I’m banking on Kerby year 3

James Houston is the wild card

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Just have to believe some one is going to have a breakout year
Davenport, Paschal, Levi, Comish.

All 4 have shown signs of high level play.

If just ONE of them can step up it would make a world of difference

It’s not like you’re restricted to banking on only one player to break out.

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I took a look at the Lions roster sorted by age….
and counted at least 24 players that are 25yo or younger.

Even DPJ is still only 25yo right now.

It is crazy how many players may not have even hit their prime yet.



Paschal DE/DT


Paschal with roster included… Romeo, Julian, Charles, Buggs/Benito

Paschal and the new DL of … Davenport, Wingo, Houston (healthy), DJ Reader

You think he’s going to break out how? He’s going to get more reps and opportunities this year?

If he does it is a bad sign because that means Reader and/or Davenport and/or Houston are injured.

I got Kerby & Iffy breaking out

I got Paschal as a Boogie Basham role player depth guy.

The notion of a breakout is a player gets better and hits his stride.
Of the players you listed only Davenport seriously competes for snaps with Paschal.
Paschal is an early down Big End that will play some 3-Tech in passing situations.
DJ Reader is a NT. No similarity at all.
Houston is a Sam LB /Pass rush specialist. He is not playing Big End on early downs and in situations where he is rushing the passer Paschal would be inside.
Wingo is a late round rookie who has yet to demonstrate anything. He is a 3-Tech that could possibly play some Big End.
Paschal will be fighting for the starting Big End position with the oft injured Davenport.
I think he has an opportunity to breakout in year 3 just as Iffy did and that we hope Jamo and Kerby will.
I don’t think his breakout is in huge sacks but in staying healthy and holding down the position with great run defense and increased pressure. Just what AG is looking for out of the position.

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I just watched the end of Signs about 20 minutes ago.

I think Paschal has some real explosive closing speed. I would not be shocked if he breaks out to low double digit sacks. Especially with an improved defense around him.

Wow the dude only had 13.5 sacks in 5 years of collage play. And 5.5 is the most he ever had in a single season. Healthy or not 10 sacks is a tall order.


He was fighting cancer. When you watch his best plays, to me, it’s easy to see a borderline star in there. He has to stop getting hurt and get more consistent, but if he can his best football is ahead of him imo


I’ve always thought that he needed a Little Rascals (Paschals) inspired nickname. But which one?

Alfalfa? You could make it Alpha-pha to give it some Apex predator injury. Buckwheat seems like too low hanging of fruit. Spanky is a terrific nickname but unless you’re a catcher that’s a black belt nickname. Non catcher Spankys are earners. Uh-Huh? Too esoteric methinks.

These are the sorts of things that keep me up at night.


To be fair, he did also make the greatest oral health advertisement of all time while producing like that.

Btw I think that remains just about the wisest use of NIL funds that I have seen.

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Spanky it is…

spanky GIF


I agree.

He was so good at Kentucky. Heck. he is a good player for us now. He has explosive ability, but needs to watchand time the snap better.

Good player.

Watch the ball?

Time the snap?

He will be go from good to a difference-maker.

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