Lions Rumor- Trade for Atlanta's #4 pick

I would totally HATE that. Trading up for a guy that will do nothing for 2 years but hold a clip board is bat-shit crazy. NO - roll with the QB you’re paying big money for and build a better football team, so that when you finally do draft the next QB he doesn’t have to be the savior. Trading down is okay, trading up tells me we are going to be mediocre for many years to come cuz we don’t have the patience to do it right.


ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports multiple NFL teams have contacted the Falcons about acquiring the No. 4 pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, and that the team is “open” to moving out of the fourth spot.

Meanwhile, ESPN’s Chris Mortensen said Tuesday that Atlanta general manager Terry Fontenot and head coach Arthur Smith are split on using the fourth overall pick to draft a QB of the future – presumably North Dakota State’s Trey Lance. Quarterback-desperate teams like the Broncos, Patriots, Football Team, and the Lions should be banging down the Falcons’ door in the weeks leading up to the draft. Acquiring the No. 4 pick is the last chance teams have to get one of the top QBs in this year’s class. Of course, Atlanta could always keep the pick and supercharge their offense with phenom tight end Kyle Pitts.

I have not seen anywhere that the Lions are interested in trading up.


Ultimate smoke screen - call to inquire about their pick.

I don’t see us trading up - hope I’m right.


Thank god its chatsports, I was worried it was a legitimate source. Nothing to see here. Probably started the rumor themselves just for the clicks.


I can’t see it.

Yeah wtf. Huge risk. I’d assume we have to give up a future 1st. Dorsey chose Mayfield as well. Wouldn’t make this trade for him.

It has to smash or would undo our progress so far this offseason. We in such a different position than the chiefs a few years ago. Built strong team, draft qb with salary below market value and weapons to help make him successful. Make that qb choice and give up our own future 1st down the line as we improve and are more informed. I hope this is nothing more than a smokescreen. We should have another top 10 pick next year.

Wake me when there’s a pseudo legit definitive rumor.

That was click bait for Lions fans.

My initial thought as well.

If I were Holmes I’d make that call to find out how serious ATL is at trading out and what the cost is just incase Wilson or Lawrence fell for some odd reason. Also to get teams thinking the Lions are in the QB market and will hopefully drum up some trade possibilities. It’s just good practice and makes you less predictable on who you may select.

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So I made a click bait from a click bait?
There goes my forum status…
Imagine if it actually happened though


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Also…this guy.

Why is he wearing a head coach headset?

Why is his cap the same color as the Florida Marlins Moving Fish statue they tore down a few years ago because it was a monstrosity, and not Honolulu blue?


Why is he named MicroMike? I think I already know, BUT HE IS PROMOTING HIMSELF AS SUCH.

So many questions…


My reaction to this is entirely dependent on the target of the trade. Fields, sure. Sewell, depends on what we give, but I’d like it overall. Anyone else, I’d absolutely hate it.

Murdered it with that post, Holmes! Shake’n’Bake!

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I don’t see it happening but If this regime is sold on one of the four QB’s and are sure he’ll be there at 4 then I wouldn’t hate it. The upside of Lance and Fields is enormous and if you hit on one and they’re the next MVP dual threat QB it’s hands down the best outcome you can get out of the draft.



There could possibly be truth to this.
I know what I think, but I would be misaligned if I didn’t lead with the fact that I have no friggin’ clue what I’m talking about with this stuff, most of the time. I’d be a great inspirational/organizational/phiolsophical coach for any team…could bring that sort of value…buuuuutt… talent evaluation, X’s and O’s, etc…with that sort of stuff…subpar would be an understatement. LOL.

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If we trade up for Pitts than I quit as a Lions fan… lol


I think it would be for Sewell, and try to move up relatively cheaply given ATL might want a weapon for Ryan and one of Pitts, Chase or Smith will be there at #7.

Anybody else trying to move up from further back means ATL would be out on all those players.

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That’s pure opinion and, quite frankly, given that the Lions have a two-time Pro Bowl QB who is only 26 years old, not a good opinion.

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