Lions Safeties Snubbed in Annual Rankings

Definitely not snubbed… Iffy had a good half season and Kerby’s made.plays but he’s not a top 10 safety in the nfl yet.

And Branch played Nickel last year.

CJ Moore gambled.

None of them are close to top 10. Kerby maybe top 25.


All 3 could be top 20 this year depending all role


I agree. None of the Lions safeties have done anything to deserve a top 10 ranking.
Snubbed makes a more provocative headline.
If you take Iffy’s last 7 games (12/16 forward) he would be a top 10 Safety.
That’s why I’m predicting a huge breakout season.
Kerby has indicated his down year was because of injury.
Can both stay healthy at the same time…?

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Bingo :wink:

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Woo Hoo


Kerby does that too :wink:

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I do think Kerby could be a top ten safety after this year. But I’m a Kerry fan so …

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