Lions second half struggles must get reworked to elevate franchise

Yeah I thought about this. They’ve had leads for the most part. Only the Seahawks game really torpedoed them.

Not too worried yet. The Eagles were doing this all last season as well. Big leads early and nursing them to victories in the 2nd half.


This is a nothing burger.
Grasping at straws here.
Someone woke up and said…hey we have just been pumping out articles that highlight how awesome the Lions are. We need to balance that out. Where can we find fault? Well they have been outscored in the second half…but they also have had big leads…anyway lets just run it stating that is an issue. We should be like a college team and winning by 40-50 points if up by 20 at half.

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This is one area that I think Ben Johnson can improve.

His first 15-20 plays typically look well designed and build off each other well. But… there have been a few games where things get fairly predictable and vanilla in the 2nd half.


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I think there’s more to it than that and I touched base on the scoring and other concerns in this thread.

The Lions are playing well but their are areas that need to be improved on.

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When coming out of half with a double digit lead, it’s when you try and run time off the clock versus being creative with the calls. It’s just part of the NFL.

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You can be “creative” on running plays as well.

I just think it has been a little predictable with inside zone at times…
and sometimes lacks pulling linemen, motion with fakes, etc.

Also… it is easy to keep the clock running with play action passes that target shallow drag routes, TE leaks to the flat, and RB flat or choice routes.


I have watched for years other teams run basic crap in the second half as they milk leads. I mean how many games in the last 2 decades have the Lions “made close” when in reality the other team just stopped blitzing and stopped running any kind of creative offense? So you can understand why I do not see this as much of an issue.

But the Lions aren’t running much time off the clock after the half. That’s the concern.

After halftime the Lions

Vs KC they ran 3 plays, gained 4 yards and took 1min 10sec off the clock.

Vs Sea ran one play for -2 yards and took 6 seconds off the clock.

Vs Atl they ran 3 plays for 9 yards and took 2 min 1 sec off the clock.

Vs GB they ran 3 plays for 1 yard and took 2 min 1 sec off the clock.

The Lions are 4th in TOP for the first half but drop all the way to 24th in TOP in the 3rd quarter.



A team needs to convert 1st downs to run the :alarm_clock:.


Didn’t the Lions have a long drive in the 4th qtr against the Packers or am I missing the point?

Never mind, you are talking about coming out of the half, not the second half as a whole.
I think, in an earlier post, they did avg or poor in the 3rd qtr and seemed better in the 4th based off numbers you posted. I will have to go back and check that.
I “think” against KC and GB they took a lot of time off the clock in the 4th.

Yes and yes

LOL. I realized the 2nd yes after I posted that.

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