Lions sign 6th-round draft pick John Penisini

Hope they didn’t erect too large a contract. Being the size of this member, short yet thick. I’m still leery if he can fill those tight holes that open when things get active.

Not many 6th round picks make it in the NFL, and usually not in their rookie year. JP is going to compete with Atkins and others for a roster spot, and things being the way they are this year, I wouldn’t say his chances are good. More likely he ends up on the PS, but you never know, right? If he can stuff the run and find a way to get into the backfield then he’ll have a job.

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I expect him to dominate all of his virtual reps. And I won’t understand one bit when that doesn’t translate to the real season.

I hope he can “pull out” all the stops… I want him to “come in”, make a difference and “ball out”… Counting on Patrica to not be too big of a “dick”.

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If you look only at their college games, just for an apples-to-apples comparison, you can see Penisini turning in much better performances than Atkins. Atkins has girth and that’s about it. He’s not particularly strong on his feet. Penisini looks like he can withstand double-teams better. If I were a betting man, I’d put my money on Atkins being the Practice Squadder.


Well that’s a relief - I was worried about an extended hold-out. Now if we can just get Cornell signed :sweat_smile:

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Some have accused him of being soft. But he has the ability to stiffen at the point of attack.

I see a 2-gap penetrator.

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College ball is college ball, it ain’t the same as the NFL where you’re going up against a guy that every bit as good or better than you are. So unless you’re Donald or Suh you gotta rely on technique, which I think Penisini will do but the thing is that Atkins has a year of experience on JP and I think that matters. My take is that come September, Atkins will be ahead of Penisini on the depth chart but as the season progresses it might not stay that way. I just want the best guys out there, whoever they are. I do like to see late round picks make it though.

Shlong odds of making the roster

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Just had to say it, didn’t you?

Would you have preferred that I have Honolulu Blue balls?

Right. In comparing both of their college efforts, you can see why one was drafted and why the other wasn’t. I think Penisini is already ahead of Atkins on the depth chart.

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Are there actually people in this thread trying to talk seriously about a sixth-round pick when there are dong jokes to be made?

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Kinda lame, bro. Going with a “D” on that one. But “A” on the Schlong odds, that was good. Just couldn’t keep it up, I guess.

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My stamina problem strikes again

You probably do

I wish. Sadly the Lions don’t excite me all that often.