Lions sign a backup punter & Long snapper, no word on Collins.....yet

Detroit Lions sign P Lachlan Edwards, LS Beau Brinkley to practice squad - Pride Of Detroit

Uh oh we are looking at long snappers… we should’ve probably used a 6th on one just in case… … …


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This is just because our kicker is in covid protocol and the only two players most likely to be in contact with him was our punter(holder) and the long snapper


Right on, that makes sense. I was just taking a parting shot at our old GM…


Good thing Natty hasn’t seen this, or there would already be an array of voodoo dolls with their leg filled with pins for Edwards. Poor guy never saw it coming. Once Natty does see this, Edwards will be mysteriously on IR tomorrow.

Let’s be honest. Players getting “identified” as ineligible is manipulated AF. The Saints had half of their coaching staff identified but amazingly the only player identified was a guy already on IR and couldn’t play (Michael Thomas). So the coaches were in some kind of weird remote learning experiment where only Michael Thomas attended in person? I would love to get back to the days when common sense takes over again.


With the way the defense is playing, the Lions might as well go for all 4th downs and 2 pt conversions. :smiley:

Me trying to make sense of the contact-tracing going on in the NFL.

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