Lions sign a TE to practice squad

Jerell A Detroit Lions sign TE Jerell Adams to the practice squad (…not sure if posted earlier…

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Still puzzled that we moved on from Nauta, who seemed at least serviceable for a late-round pick.

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Yeah, not sure about that either. With him only going to GB’s practice squad, Detroit obviously had a shot at re-signing him if they wanted, even to the active 53.

Between Nauta and Hall, I wonder if these are Bevell-influenced. Were they players that he ultimately gave up on? Or, is it more due to Sanu and Bryant’s availability?


With the void from MP and BQ, and that void being taken up by Bevell and this six person team assembled I think we are seeing a change in direction already

In every NFL team there are going to be players that the personnel department sees differently than the coaches. There will be some players that a position coach will view differently than a coordinator or head coach. This is normal. With our changes at the top, I can’t help but believe they were wanted more by Quinn than they were by Bevell and/or Prince.

I was big on Nauta coming out.

He has good hands and is a decent blocker. When the Lions TE coach spoke out that he was a best catching TE on the team. (Even above Hock) I figured he’d see a lot more playing time than he did.

For some reason he never got it all together.

I was expecting him to be a big red zone target myself. 5 targets in two years. :man_shrugging:

I wonder if Bevell and the rest of that front-office team have a mandate to spend the rest of the year “de-Quinn-ifying” the team?

Getting rid of the odd fits and trying to start shape a more fundamental roster as best they can at this point in the season.

by default I hope that is what they are doing no matter what… Bev is the HC now and need to reshape it now to win now and in the future imho…