Lions sign DE Charles Harris

#22 overall pick in 2017


Interesting lottery ticket

His 2020 sack total would have put him close to 2nd on the team in sacks for the Lions. :rofl:


Falcons gave up a seventh to get him from the dolphins… wonder if he just sucks that badly

I think his problems are between his ears an this staff just may shake it into reality.

If it does we have a good player if we don’t no big deal

not sure he could be one who qualifies for the special deal teams can get to reduce his cost . Each team can use it twice ,think we used on a TE we signed for Saints to reduce his cap hit.

This is likely a one year minimum deal. Likely to get cut but he has a shot here. A move worth making.

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Last year, he was just under $2M with almost all of it guaranteed.

Cheap reclamation project - fine by me. The good news for him is it shouldn’t be hard to make this team lol

It will as a DE maybe has shot as a OLB if he can cover


Such a bust, but the talent must be there for him to have been the 22nd pick.

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Justin Rogers says he can’t confirm this and that a source says no deal was made.

Rosevelt Colvin II?

Did he say it while dressed in his jammies with bed head?

He’d be a rush OLB in a 3-4 set or RDE in a 4-3 more than likely. Coverage isn’t his game. Liked him as a prospect I thought would go in the 2nd.

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I’m not changing my name after 18 years.


This made me laugh out loud…the video itself…and the fact that someone took the time to edit it and upload it to youtube. Hilarious!


Reminds me of the highlight video for the UM/BYU game a few years ago.

That is hilarious!!!