Lions sign Kelvin Sheppard

Apparently we love ex-Giants?

I think it makes sense. Patricia loves his versatile defenses, so I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Sheppard fits that mold. There’s also something about never having enough linebackers in Detroit …

“Sheppard joins the Lions after most recently playing with the New York Giants from 2016-17, where he appeared in 23 games (17 starts) and totaled 96 tackles (59 solo) and two interceptions. A third-round draft selection (68th overall) by the Buffalo Bills in the 2011 NFL Draft out of LSU, Sheppard played two seasons (2011-12) with the Bills prior to stints with the Indianapolis Colts (2013) and Miami Dolphins (2014-15). His career totals include 100 games played (62 starts), 399 tackles (258 solo), 3.0 sacks, 25 tackles for loss and two interceptions.”

Anytime we can upgrade a guy like Jaylen Reeves-Maybe, I’m all for it

I didn’t think JRM was that bad honestly.

To tell the truth, other than looking clueless against the run I prefer this yrs D to the last couple of years. Lots of contributions from unlikely players all across the board, Okwara and Dennard in particular. If he contributes the way those 2 have I’ll be impressed.

Obviously BQ and MP didn’t count on Ziggy fleecing them out of $17M this year and leaving a gaping hole in the pass rush. Do think that after last weeks performance Teez is playing himself out of an active role and potentially a roster spot.

I think Teez is still growing as a player. I remember Slay having growing pains as well. It comes with the CB position and I tend to think year 3 is when it comes together. Some get it faster.

Teez has physical skills that he needs to minimize and that is where I get concerned. I believe he can be an asset to a defense, but I am not sure this is the best scheme for him. I am not sure he has played himself off of the roster, but playing time might become an issue. Guess we will see.

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Really poor Run D from our LB’s this year. Actually starting to feel like this is the weakness of the D now.

It does seem like everything our linebackers gained in pressuring the QB was lost in their run defense. Hopefully things will improve as Harrison settles in. It wouldn’t surprise me to see the Lions running a base 3-4 next year.

Nate, thank you. I’m glad to see The Den back in business.


We definitely need a weak side backer, #2 cb upgrade, safety, 2 DEs and a complimentary DT to play with Harrison. I hope we fill them all next offseason, we’ll see.

I think the addition of Harrison will help free up the linebackers to do what they need to do. Last game was an anomaly as Big D was only here a couple of practices and even though he did his part, both the coaches and linebackers will need to find their new fit. The middle was plugged with Harrison but the edges were wide open at times. The trust factor will take a bit to get established so Davis and company will feel comfortable sealing the edge as they should.

Yes, you made it over. Glad to see you here.

Gees there’s an old face from back in the day !..good to see you again Moose !!

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Never really left Wolf, just keeping a lower profile…too many keyboard warriors on the other site for my liking.

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yeah well I can understand that. I’ve had some pretty heated moments myself. I always said, that I’m not smarter than most here, I’m not better-than anyone else, I’m not trying to be, I’m an honest guy, I call it how ‘I’ see things, if I’m wrong…I’ve no problem admitting it/eating crow.

I mean I KNOW I’m going to be wrong at times because I have not played organized football of any kind through a school. I have my poor memory, and medical history…and flat out there are going to be times I sound silly or say “colorful things” I’m not in the excuse business , but when you stand back and can rattle off events or negative things that have hurt the team’s chances at success or production past or present, the words are labeled “excuses” and not factual events that have happened to the team by some. If I don’t know something, I have asked and will ask one of you or the Mods and I trust your replies for those answers. In the end, we are ALL different, have different insights, views , thought-processes, reasoning, and opinions…so we are bound to butt heads from time to time and get upset, it’s just human nature.