Lions sign Tony McRae CB 1yr $1.5M

Aaron Wilson

Detroit Lions’ one-year deal for former Bengals corner Tony McRae is $1.5 million, per a league source. Should cash in a year from now with a good season in Detroit.

Primarily ST player, plays CB but apparently not too often. The 5-foot-10, 185-pounder, slot corner. Turns 27 in May.

From PoD:

One Lions coach will be very familiar with McRae’s work: recently hired special teams coordinator Brayden Coombs. McRae has spent the last three seasons as a key player on the Bengals’ special teams unit, where Coombs served as the assistant special teams coordinator. Last season, McRae led the Bengals in special teams tackles on a unit that was ranked No. 1 using Football Outsiders’ DVOA metric.

In addition to special teams work, McRae earned some spot duty on defense for the Bengals, most often utilized as a slot cornerback. Last year, he started two games in Cincinnati, tallying 22 tackles, a single pass defended and a PFF defense grade of 47.6.

In Detroit, McRae will likely compete with the likes of Mike Ford and Michael Jackson for a spot on the roster as a special teamer. Earlier this week, the Lions agree to terms with former Vikings safety Jayron Kearse, who should also provide a boost to Detroit’s special teams unit.


My guess is that with all the safety signings that Killebrew won’t be back so we needed a depth guy who was decent on ST.

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same thought.

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Anyone hear any rumor on Logan Ryan yet? Trying to keep CB in CB thread muhahahaha

If we go Logan, was thinking that would take us out of Okudah sweepstakes.

Big Play McRae!


Well, looking at the numbers yesterday, you could see room for a cheap addition at CB and OT. 1 down, 1 to go.

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Seamless transition from Slay to McRae. WTG BQ


Annnd Killebrew is back! LOL, ST is a big deal on this team.

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I said in a post a while back that they would miss Killebrew on special teams. Then they sign McRea AND Killebrew. Got 2 great ST guys now but need to see if we have a punter. Looks like Fox at this point.

since they are doing some cheap signings let’s get Tavon Wilson back as insurance.

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I’m just messin’ with Air and Dollar a little bit. Don’t know if the new DC will use Killebrew on defense more or not in certain sub-packages this year, but the guy does get it done on ST coverages. And the Lions place a high value on that, as they should. Seems as though the Lions have signed a few more ST guys than normal (maybe), and will let 'em fight it out for who makes it and who doesn’t.

Wilson’s agent has already said the Lions are moving on from him.

What’s the point of posting this ignorance?

Anything an agent says should go in one ear and out the other without stopping in between. I don’t think it’s out of the question that the Lions could revisit the idea of keeping Tavon Wilson around, it could be they are waiting for his price to drop. Unlikely maybe, but possible. With Walker, Harmon, Harris, Kearse, and Moore, it wouldn’t be a big surprise to see Wilson come back, would it? At least one of them wouldn’t make the cut down to 53, or is it 55 now.

I think it maybe difficult for both to make the roster. Depending on who we draft and preseason injuries obviously. But I suspect that if we’re fairly healthy that there’s a good chance that they both won’t make the final 53.

On the punter. I think we would be ok entering the season with the winner of Fox and Wile. But I suspect we may actually add a late draft pick to the mix too. Or a UDFA. Clearly we’re looking for a cheap option.

I have a feeling that we could add a mid to late round draft pick to our safety group but that’s about it. I doubt we sign anyone significant anyway.

The only way I see Wilson back is if it’s for the veteran minimum or something close to that.

I agree 100% If he was asked to pick a signing he would bash his own . That’s what he does bash makes his day He is a joke contributes ZERO to board . I have not see him have a idea other than be negative about Lions .

This guess didn’t age well LOL :smiley: I like these ST players few will not make final roster. McRae will not likely cost anything same with Kilebrew if they are released after camp.

Lol. Most of my posts have an alternative move. Something I would do, and something I think Quinn will do. I am on record wanting Slay traded last summer, then before the deadline. Not 2 days ago.

I was also on record saying NOT to give Snacks an extension last summer, because he only played a couple months here and still had 2 years left on his current deal. I also said drafting TE #8 is terrible value. I also said that I wanted Devin Bush at #8. I also said we should have resigned Glasgow. I was right on all of those. Quinn was wrong on all of those.

I also wanted nothing to do with Patricia. His defense was severely overrated and actually kept the Pats from winning at least 1 more ring.

I also have given numerous ideas on the upcoming draft including not touching Okudah unless we have a trade down and he falls to the middle of the first round. I think he will be a terrible value at #3. I have also said that if Young goes #2 and we cannot trade down, that we should take Tua.

I also said that the Flowers and James signings were way too much money AT the time and that they would haunt us. I actually liked the Coleman signing and even the CJ Anderson signing and I may have been wrong on JC and was on CJA.

I never claimed to be right on all my takes, but the proof is there and Quinn is a clueless GM. Most people on this board would draft better than him. But go ahead and keep praising him, because he got one diamond in the rough in his entire career (Kenny G). And don’t be surprised if KG doesn’t want to stick around for his 2nd contract. There’s another hot take by me, guy.

There. Now start paying attention before throwing out b.s. accusations.