Lions signing Jamie Collins

Will be 31 during the season. Nice. Lots of guaranteed money for a guy who has trouble acting like a pro. Another former Patriot. Lions well on their way to next years #1 OA pick.


I like the signing in a vacuum but damn that’s a lot money for a dude that relies on athleticism.

This front office signing former players is certainly getting old in my opinion.
They look lazy.

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He had a big bounce back year last year and played very well under Patricia previously but he’s kind of old so I don’t know. They’re getting a real good player if he hasn’t lost a step but again, he’s kind of old.

That is a lot of money for a 31 year old LB.


Wanted Littleton instead… but ok. Plan is still a go. Now just go get DJ Reader.

“ DJ Reader

Keep Slay - Resign? Call his bluff?
Rnd 1 - Okudah - Rnd 2 best DE possible or trade up to get one? Rnd 3/4/5 - OG, RB, WR
Rnd 1 - Young - Rnd 2 best CB possible. Rnd 3/4/5 - OG, RB, WR

I’m good with either. But need DJ Reader especially.

Can we afford Reader, Littleton, AND Slay to a 3yr $60m. Work some lower front end, last year out clause? He gets his average yr per of highest in league. “

Another former NE. Damn BQ sign something other than your coaches former team. Tons of money too.


Plus you got to wait to see how it is structured too. May end up as only a 2 year deal with that 3rd year being a big year but we can save a bunch releasing him

Trust the process…

You all seem to be caught up in this former Patriot thing but the age thing is the bigger issue. Dude is a good player, ex Pat or not, but how much is left in the tank? If he was 2-3 years younger, this would be a great signing.

I loved the signing until I saw the money.

I thought he would get half that guaranteed money.

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Oh with 18 guaranteed it’s basically a 2 for 18.

OTAs are on hold right? This guy knows exactly what Patricia wants him to do, he just needs to be in shape for TC. The Lions upgraded their LBs, which they sorely needed to do.

That’s my take too. I know we were hoping he would come to Detroit 2 years ago. It could turn out, but the money worries me. I’m underwhelmed by the FA thus far. I’m not sure how this team is that much better in defense w Collins, whoever at DT and potentially Slay gone.

I totally love this signing.

6’3", 250 lbs, 4.6 40 yd, 7.1 s 3-cone, 41" vert, 11’7" broad jump.

Defense just got better. Need a DT/NT.

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He’s good player, but doesn’t he have anger issues?

Are those his numbers from 10 years ago? Absolutely useless now.

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The man turns in October 31. He’s still good but let’s calm down here.

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