Lions signing Oday Aboushi

Played under Bevell in 2017


Is everybody Oday with this signing?


Good move IMHO. If he was the 18th best OG over the last 8 games for the Cards then he might be an upgrade over Wiggins. Bevel knows him, so one assumes a decent fit here with what the Lions want to do on offense. My question would be his run blocking, how good is he at that?

One year deal, and both Wiggins and Dahl are on their last year, so I’m betting the Lions draft somebody at some point this year. LOL, no idea who, where, or when though.

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IDK. I’m iffy on this one.

Im thinking this might be one of those hole fillers to cover a need, while we draft a guy high that can play sooner rather than later, cuz we know that Wiggins isnt the answer, short or long term. It might even end Wiggins time here.

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A one year deal for $2M is pretty easy to swallow I’d say.


I love these types of under the radar signings.

Kinda wtf about it. Wiggins and Dahl have 1 year left on their contracts, and we signed Aboushi to a one year deal.
They’re all backups as best as I can tell.

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I felt the same. How many backups do we really need? The question is, any cap we can save if Wiggins or Dahl is cut in time? There has to be more to this move.

Dahl is on a rookie contract, and I believe Wiggins is a vet minimum?

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Wiggins’ cap hit is $3.125 mil, with dead money = $375k. Leaving cap savings of $2.75 mil. Dahl’s cap savings would be $720k if they cut him, but none of the three seems to be all that great. Interestingly, Aboushi can play OG or OT, wonder if they’ll give Crosby a looksee at RG with Dahl as the backup and Wiggins is cut. Maybe Dahl is gone too if they draft a replacement for him, he never seemed to show much.