Lions SM Dept just won the day. Offseason Madden, Skipper Style


Twitter version:

High comedy


All this time we thought it was Jack Fox… but Skipper is the best player on the team :laughing:

Don’t tell Natty


I’d like to take this time and this thread to rant about the absolute insanity that is the “all-madden” difficulty level. I’ve done a better job about not playing Madden nearly as often as I used to, but I got back on today to continue my CJ Stroud led Falcons fantasy draft franchise.

All-Madden isn’t even football. It’s just EA saying “how can we use programming to ■■■■ over the user?”

Josh Allen today threw about 10 passes to receivers who weren’t open before he could realistically turn his head to see the receiver he was throwing to. On one play, Nick Bosa and Chris Jones flushed him out of the pocket so he was running directly towards the left sideline, to then watch him, without turning his body, throw the ball across his body on a rope to Deebo Samuel who was sprinting in the exact opposite direction ten yards downfield.

If I run man all my corners get beat. If I run zone, nobody plays coverage and even if they do I don’t get pressure quick enough for it to matter. I tried playing that game against the Colts about 4 times and I don’t think I kept them off of the scoreboard once. Not because I didn’t scheme up a stop, but because every time I had them right where I wanted them they’d pull of some wiley unrealistic bullshit. Not to mention that Travis Etienne became prime Derrick Henry and broke at least the first tackle on every carry he got.

And don’t get me started on some of the dumbass unrealistic crap that leads to me throwing an interception.

Let’s just hope NCAA isn’t anything like Madden.

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Go to class would you :wink:

Or the bar it’s Friday night… ur in college. :laughing:

Let us old guys argue about Skipper… lol


Skipper is bald…

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Brisker never stood a chance against that juke

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Low key shade, as they have him sacking Stafford…

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So, kind of like an opposing team in real life?:laughing:
I’m a dick.:rofl:

He’s as bald as the day he was born.

Who does Skipper think he is? Jack Fox?

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When was it ever really football?

No, but it was a hell of a lot closer three years ago.

Yea I get it, I am not a big Madden player at all. My son is and I would play against him sometimes and shit he would do things that I would just shake my head and say “yea that was realistic, NOT!”

But a major middle finger to NFL officiating, no?

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