Lions struggling to find someone to coach this weekend

Most coaches were direct contacts to those with COVID-19.

Although, considering they played the first 3/4 of this season without a coach, I guess it isn’t that bad.

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Just read about this this morning

Maybe they cancel it?!

Oh no, they’ll find someone. Maybe Speilman. Just kidding folks.

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New term in NFL Covid-19 world …

“TRC it”! … Total Remote Coaching :crazy_face:

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Highly doubt it NFL will avoid at all costs we are irrelevant while TB is pushing for playoffs at end of the season. If they were to incur and injury due to lack of time bt games at this point in the year it’d be a shitshow. Find someone like Denver did and help the NFL get through 2020. Hell let a veteran player do it. We’re unlikely to win anyway, idk how much having 1/2 the coaching staff moves needle especially given the game lack of importance to us

BUT it’s about the DRAFT PICKs DAMMIT :laughing:

Stafford should call offense plays and Collins the D


They could easily postpone the game until Sunday if necessary.

Or Monday.

Was going to say the same thing!

All defensive coaches? Might as well see what happens without them. Can’t get any worse!


Wait … we have people coaching our defense?


We should let one of the top online Madden players call the D, lol

let the fans vote on each play!

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Where’s Jackie Moon when you need him.

Pregame Announcer, Player, Coach, GM, Owner.

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I’ve never coached above the Varsity high school level, but our Defense is probably at a JV level, so I might be over qualified.

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Air can drive down and coach he’s at the stadium enough anyway…