Lions trade Diggs for 5th rd pick?

What the heck is going on?! I thought he was pretty good when healthy

Ha! beat you to it by seconds lol

That’s funny, I looked to make sure nobody had posted it already…oh well

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What the actual…?

I hope this is a preface to trading that pick in a package for Kenyan Drake. Otherwise this is shades of trading Golden Tate as the beginning of the end of the season last year.

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Sure why not? Trade away one of the few assets. Time to clean house now/again.

Fuck this franchise.


Couldn’t agree MORE with you bitter. FTL


Only way this makes sense to me is if the rookie Will Harris is playing extremely well in practice. Otherwise, what the heck is Quinn doing. It’s like a reverse Patriots move or something

With the Quandre trade and KJ going on IR are we in tank mode?


I’m not happy about that value at all. A good player and a 7th pick for a 5th round pick? That is a steal for Seattle in my opinion.


I am sooooooo close to chucking it all.


There has to be another player involved somewhere, otherwise this is just nonsense

What the ?

That’s a horrible trade in my book.


I had been thinking since Sunday about the outside possibility of the Lions trying again to get Rashaad Penny who as we have read was actually Quinn’s original running back Target in the 2017 draft. I’m hoping what looks like a ridiculous trade value wise for Diggs is a preface to a return trade with value-added for possibly getting Penny??


I’m at a loss for words right now. Unbelieveable.


It’s a good point you bring up with Will Harris, but still that really hurts our depth too. Hopefully as you said, maybe they have another player they are going after? Knowing this team that is not the case though

So are we giving up already. Why bother watching if true.

Maybe we were clearing cap space for RB drake?

This doesn’t make sense. We gave him a nice deal - he fits what we’re doing on D, he’s a great locker room guy, good in the community, and one of my favorite players, not afraid to mix it up. For a fifth rounder??? c’mon man, what are we doing???


Was Diggs the “player to be named later” in the Bevell hire? That is the ONLY thing that makes sense. I’m just stunned by this.


Just got the notification on my phone.
I echo Slay’s thoughts “WTF?”. I’m not against them selling per se but Diggs is a good player signed to a reasonable contract and apparently one of the real team leaders taking on the Quin role in that respect so that plus a 7th is only worth a 5th? Why? Because he’s a Mayhew player? Fuck off.