Lions trade for DB Duron Harmon (Patriots)

Source: The #Lions traded for #Patriots DB Duron Harmon.

— Ian Rapoport (@RapSheet) March 18, 2020

This is a flip of late-round picks.

— Ian Rapoport (@RapSheet) March 18, 2020

It appears he is a backup SS/FS for the Patriots. 3rd safety. Ran a 4.51 at the combine.

I was fully expecting Logan Ryan to be in a Lions uni…

2020 is last year of contract, $3.5M base salary, $750K in per game roster bonus and $250K in other bonuses

Another Patriot. How embarrassing


Hopefully this pays off in the communication department with their DBs. Veteran player with numerous years of system experience. Should be helpful to the new secondary coach, I would think. Collins being in the LB room is good, too. Of Course, there’s still Flowers with the DL group.

I hate going to the well non-stop, but we need help and are getting it.

Does he take Tavin Wilson’s job? Does this impact the likelihood of taking Simmons as it would essentially make this guy a 4th safety and borderline to be active on Sunday’s?

Gotta feel like Okudah and Brown are the “open slots” they expect to fill in early Rd 1 Young isn’t there

It’s becoming quite humerous.
Lazy work by the front office.
It’s like they know nothing else lol


They obviously are wanting guys who can step in and know the scheme from the jump.

Probably fine as a one-year stop-gap. Plug all your holes in free agency, and draft a couple potential starters in the early rounds - and these Pats’ eventual replacements in the mid to late rounds.

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Stop with the New England BS.

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flipping late round picks is no big deal. This costs very little and we won’t owe a dime if he gets cut. I see it as an extra body with some experience.


Yes, he takes Wilson’s spot. I think they had already signaled that Wilson wasn’t being brought back. Does it preclude them from taking Simmons? Just the opposite, I would say. He has played a similar role (cb/s/lb). His leadership for Simmons would be most valuable.

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Yea, I’m all for trading late picks for roster depth. Especially if they’ll likely make the roster. Mayhew did it a couple times too.

That said, I don’t know much about this guy other than he’s now a former Patriot. Lol

Maybe look further than just what uni he wore and be a little better, smarter fan.
This dude can play. He was the 18th ranked safety in football (out of 118)
Major upgrade


I think it’s completely fair to ask the front office to do this first.


i know its fun to bash all the x-patriot signing but consider that there might not be football for a few months which means new players will have less time to learn a new system. bringing in guys that are familiar with the defense seems like a smart idea when there’s less time to prepare.


I thought what I said was quite accurate, what I knew from what I read above was that he came from NE. I never said anything negative about it.

As far as being a little better/smarter fan; that’s what I come here for. To gain that knowledge. Afterall, we don’t have TV and our internet is 3g service (occasional bar of 4g) on our cell phones. So I come here as my one stop shop for everything Lions.(thanks again Nate and Mods)

Glad to hear he can play! Looking forward to seeing him.

Guys, off-season workouts are suspended until further notice. So, do you want to bring in guys who don’t know your defense or guys that do?

Which is better, bringing in guys that you know, their work ethic and character, or guys that you don’t know that sign for the big money and then just go through the motions. Don’t tell me it doesn’t happen.

Maybe this move encourages Tavon to lower his contract demands. I’d still like to see him back, but at the right price. Plus, when you start talking about your backup DBs then you have to look at what tey can do on ST.


Upgrade over Wilson in my opinion without much given up. Has more interceptions the last 3 years than Wilson has had in his entire career.