Lions trade Stafford to NE and drafting Tua?

How’s that for a rumor?

ESPN reporter suggests just that.

This exact scenario has been brought up on this board. What do you think Lions fans?

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I’d love it if we could get more than NE’s 1st.

I’d be asking for their 1st and at least 2 more picks. Something like:

2020: 1st
2020: 3rd
2021: 2nd

I’m more interested in a haul like that for Stafford than just a 1st, which is likely more than the Pats or any team want to give up.

I do like Stafford. I’ve had questions about him and I have doubted certain attributes of his, but I’d be ok with dropping his $20 million contract and building for the future. We’ve seen 10 years of Stafford here and have 0 division wins, playoff wins, or wins of any significance. In my opinion, if it was going to happen it’d have happened by now.

I’ve seen several teams do well by drafting a good QB and putting great pieces around him while he’s on his rookie deal. I’d kind of rather see the Lions do that at this point rather than continuing to try to put bandaids on what appears to constantly be a sinking ship.

I don’t have any confidence in Quinn or Patricia liking that plan since they need to win this year. A rookie QB usually doesn’t translate to immediate wins unless you already have an incredible roster in place. Because of that, I think trading Stafford will be out of the question for those guys.

It’s too bad because, in my opinion, any time you are drafting in the top 3 you should probably be considering a QB, since that’s the best place to find them. I know we’re in the top 3 because Stafford was injured but…yeah. I still think you need to take your opportunities to draft a franchise QB when you have them.

For Brady?

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Umm, no. Just no. They have enough china dolls on defense. Although this one would arrive pre-broken. This whole idea is laughable.


Technically, not a rumor, but simply Bart Scott’s opinion.

He also suggests Tua sit for a year, but who is going to play QB if Stafford isn’t here? Case Keenum?

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I can’t even think of a package they could put together that would get there.

Winovich, Wynn, Michel and two firsts perhaps.

I can’t see that happening if Quinn expects to be here longer than next season

Herbert is going to the Senior Bowl.
Tua is NOT the guy. Let someone else take him.


For Stafford, I would love to see him go to a quality organization and get a chance at a Super Bowl.
For us, our team stinks no matter what. The beat goes on.
I would hope they at least draft a qb that could keep games a little bit exciting while as the refs shaft us.
Maybe even sign Brady for a couple seasons, but he will want to sign with a team that can win. So that won’t happen.

Brady is a FA but Barry wants him to come to DET.

Tom Brady see my above post … lol

Lol espn is like cnn…fake news bs!


Yeah, I’d just LOVE to go 3-13 again. Or worse.

Why help the rich? Better yet, why let them have a happy ending again?

Interesting that Barry prefers a 43 year old Brady over a 31 year old Stafford.

I’ve got to believe he was just having fun during the interview.

If we trade Stafford to the Pats, don’t waste the time on Tua…just tank and grab T.Lawrence

Or maybe Bob Q. Put him up to it? … lol

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I watched this. Bart and Dan O debated the topic. Dan O stood firm that if Patricia trades Stafford it would lead to him being fired before the season ended.

And people get paid to write this stuff. Not much, but they get paid.

I think I’d rather have Greg, Peter, or Bobby playing QB than Tim.

Seriously, though, since Brady is not mentioned as part of the trade, why would he agree to come to the Lions as a FA? Just because Patricia and Quinn are here? That didn’t work with Gronk.