Lions updated depth chart: Preseason Game 3 at Panthers

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Feeling good about my 53 man projections

looks good!
the regrets for me would be Cota, JOkwara, Iffy and Joseph.
the people who you have making it that could be cut and it wouldn’t bother me would be Gilmore, Lucas, Drummond and Cabinda.
I have this unhealthy attachment to Iffy because he was part of the Stafford trade.

Brandon Joseph will make the team, especially over I can’t stay healthy Iffy


Nothing good happens when we play in Carolina. Just take a knee every down and punt. At least that way it prevents Sucksfeld from throwing more INT’s.

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It looks like The Big Cheese and Awosika will be starting at right and left guard wheee they should be.

Isn’t this like revision 114 in the last week??

Just busted your balls :rofl: :rofl:

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That’s nothing compared to the mock drafters. :smiley:

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I should have kept track of every revision. Seams at least 3x a week since march 15

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