Lions v Packers on NFLN right now

Live again a bad memory!

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The only way I’m watching this again is if it ends with Aaron Rodgers dying.


Miracle Rodgers comeback…stream of obscenities …BUUULLLLLSHCYYYYIIIIT!

Watching right now and it frustrates me even more. They were destroying those jokers in the first 20 minutes. Hockenson drops the TD to make it 17-0 just now. The turning point right there and I knew it at the time. They played like scared kittens after that.

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2 thing stand out . 1. Really watching harrison compleatly non existent. Getting out played by atkins and strong. Also lions get jobed by refs over and over and over again. Nfl is getting as bad as wwe

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Just finished watching it on delay. Man, did the Lions ever get jacked, right guys!

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So Erin didn’t die this time did he?

Lions did get jacked, but honestly they let that game slip away. So many chances to ice it.

I forgot about the PI not called between Flowers, er… hands-to-the-face penalties.

Didn’t we trade Diggs right after that game?

Watched about half of it
It’s taped so maybe I’ll watch it more but man, I did notice other questionable calls against the Lions
And the D was playing well
This is the thing
They went into that game 2-1-1
We all know that tie was fluke-ish
They should have won against GB
So a season that ended 3-12-1 could just have easily started 4-1, even 5-0
I believe the first loss was very fluke-ish against KC
Guys, this team came out strong last year
I remember people calling the early season a gauntlet
They’d be lucky to start 2-3
The start could have been 5-0
But it wasn’t — yeah yeah, I get it
But it was “this close” to being 5-0

They had the lead in EVERY game
They couldn’t finish

Three biggest issues last year:
Stafford injury
Decimated DL
Ineffective run game

Stafford healed
DL has to be better, front 7 for sure
Running game big focus in draft
Fucking exceptional draft — you can see the potential for 6 of those guys being heavy contributors
Hand back and hopefully back in form

2020 could be a major bounce back season
I believe they now have a run game that could FINISH games
This place has been fault-finding far too long
Sorry, there’s NOTHING wrong with Fat Pat
Quin finally had a great draft (maybe the underlying organizational changes are finally bearing fruit)
Why not?
Seriously, why not?
Let’s cut the loser talk and see potential for a while!!

I live in a van … down by the river!!

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Just be sure you’re no where near a levee :sweat_drops:

got something against waterbeds !? :grin: :grin: :grin: :smile:

Your reply put the song “When the Levee Breaks” into my head

Great post sleats well said

Went through many years with Led Zeppelin on the shelf
I really enjoy a lot of their music again

It was almost amusing hearing the national broadcast team seeing first hand what we go through all the time with the refs. In a game of inches and one score games, handing the other team possessions they don’t deserve, and taking them from us when they let their DB mug our guy downfield with no call, hurts.

It’s games like this where the details get forgotten and all it is, is more proof Stafford sucks, or the staff sucks. Well, if ONLY three of the total BS calls/non-calls in that game go our way, we win and everyone is a genius.

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