Lions v.s. Cardinals Official Game Thread -- KEEP IT HERE!

Keep it here, and go Lions!

Could be Patricia last game???

On a sidenote, lol at Minny’s 0-3…I thought for sure they’d be fighting for the div, they look like hot garbage, especially Cousins. On another sidenote, ATL looks like the NFC South version of “gagger time”, trying to choke games away that would make the Lions proud.

Minny loses. We won’t be alone at 0-3 in the NFCN after today!

But the Falcons are pulling a Lionesque collapse, let the Bears hang around and now it’s prolly going to OT.

The history of the Fords tells us Quinn and Patricia will last until year end. At very least until the bye week.

OT?! Hell, the way they’ve choked games away so far, they might not make it to OT.

Lion killa mitch trubisky benched in shitcago game vs atl

Yeah CHI could score a TD here. They are so freaking lucky. Hate them with the power of the sun.



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Man they ARE the nfc south lions!

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Maybe worse. They chocked a SUPER BOWL away.

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Now watch em march down the field only to have a rookie drop the game winning pass.

The Falcons totally had that game, eerily similar. Let’s see what Ryan’s got.

Oh shit, thats right.

Wow SOF indeed.

If we get destroyed again, I hope so. But probably not until the bye week regardless

The Bills had the ultimate collapse today, and got bailed out by a bad PI

Effing Bears are 3-0.