*** LIONS vs BEARS GameDay Thread ***

Are the Lions who we thought they were? Keep it here!

Bears by a touchdown. No Slay not good news.

Fox’s pregame just said Lions will be without both tackles. I checked the Lions inactive players and that is inaccurate info from Fox, geez.

As far as I know only Lang and Slay are out from the regular starters.

I predict we will lose by 3 tds or beat them by a fg. I don’t know which Lions team shows up today.

I didn’t see, is Mack playing?

Mack is playing.

Yeah we fucked.

What kind of tackle was that, Jarrad?

Lions playing soft defense so far

Allowing something like twelve yards per play already.

We’re not within 3 yards of any WR on any pass

Someone want to let the defense know the game started at noon?

Welp, this is going about as expected …

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So we need two DEs at least two LBs, a CB and at least one safety.

Yeah, Glover looks like he is running in ankle deep mud.

At least ziggy is playing. Paying huge dividends on that first drive.

This team gave up before the kickoff.

The famous ‘bend and then break’ defense