Lions vs Cardinals Score Predictions

If we all pick the Cardinals to win, the Lions will win.

I predict 27-24 Cardinals.

41-27 Arizona

31 - 21 Arizona

It’s gonna get ugly quick…

38-23 Zona…

28-23 LIons

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I’m 2-0 this year on picks. I’m going to say Arizona 31 Detroit 23. It’s going to be a good game I think, but we settle for FGS and arizona scores on a late TD to seal the game.

The Lions will go up 17-3 early and then the inevitable late game crash…31-23 Cardinals. One more nail in the coffin for the Quintricia experiment.

1-14 in the last 15 games…and 11 straight losses… but 9-7 wasn’t good enough. What’s a guy gotta do to get fired around here?

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This isn’t one of those cliche Lions games where everyone thinks they’ll lose and then they win by some magic, they’re too bad for that this year. 41-24 Cards.

Can’t be fired this year, it wouldnt be fair with the shortened/late rona training camp and no preseason…jeez, do ppl expect an NFL team to actually be good and ready to play at a high level with those conditions?

Signed: BQ and MP
To: oh, ohhh Sheeeila

Anyway, 27-13 Redbirds

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31-30 Cardinals. Prater misses the XP

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37-24 cards

41-10 Arizona.I dont think the Lions even show up today there done.

DeAndre Hopkins is going to set some records today.

Cards 38-Lions 17

31-20 Cards. I think the game will be kept a little close at the beginning. Cards will pull away in 2nd half and Hopkins will destroy Okudah (as he does many CB’s). Lions tack on a late TD just for grins. Another game where the score will not indicate how truly close this game… wasn’t.

Either Cards open up early and the Lions lay down as usual
or the Lions choke at the end of the game and lose.
I’ll take the first option
Cards 35-10

35-14 Zona.

in fantasy, I’m benching Stafford and starting Burrow. My friends told me I reached for Stafford in rd 11. So far their words are turning out to be so true

Murray’s a dual threat; and we have a porous run stopping defense, and a decimated secondary led by a struggling rookie.

No way Lions win. 0-3.

38-24 Cardinals… Hopkins has 150yards 2 TDs

Cards 45
Lions 23

In that case, I’ll predict the Lions get a double digit lead and keep it, running out the clock on a grinding 6:00 drive, 34-17. Just keeping the eye on the prize doing what is necessary so that we can Tank for Trevor and Puke with Patricia. Or does 3-13 still tantalize you?