Lions vs. Cards Slowlights


Thank you !!!

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So basically just watch the video for 3qtrs :rofl:


The reverse of 2016!

thank you so much—these highlights mean a lot for me–no TV at my castle–LOL

I love these videos!

Thanks for posting!

At the 7:36-7:44 mark on the video, it shows Amendola catching a pass just past the 30 yard line, then running out of bounds at the 33–two yards short of the first down when he could have easily gotten the first down by cutting back into the field of play. Granted, time was somewhat of a factor with 1:13 left in the second quarter, but a first down there might have made more difference than burning a timeout. Indeed, the Lions didn’t score and ended up not using any of the timeouts they had remaining before the half.

At about the 8:48-8:55 mark, it again shows Amendola catching a pass at about the 28-29 yard line, then unnecessarily running out of bounds at about the 33 yard line, when if he had cut inside Hockenson’s block, it would have been an even bigger play. This was in the third quarter with 3:17 left, so time was not an issue.

One wonders if Amendola got chewed out by the WRs coach for unnecessarily running out of bounds on two plays and that later caused the major mental malfunction in OT.

Anyway, Amendola’s decisionmaking on those two plays, when there was no contact whatsoever from any Cardinals defender, was disappointing. One expects more from a veteran WR who has played for a winning organization.

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Think that Amendola is the least of our problems.

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Syd, Amendola had a good game, but it could have been an even better game. Anquan Boldin was the least of the Lions worries until playoffs, then he mailed it in with two stupid personal fouls.

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Yea, as I said in the game thread,at the 8:48 mark DA had one guy in front to beat and Hock had a great block on him.

I was pissed on the play that our receiver got out of bounds and the kept the clock running as well. Pretty flagrant, if it was actually a mistake.


And at least one drop past the sticks on 3rd down

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Golladay… he reached the ball out of bounds. I think that should count as him out of bounds- his body obviously wasn’t, but the ball was, and it sure looked like it happened before anything else touched the ground.

The play I’m talking about, his ass actually hit the ground. Wonder if we’re talking about the same play.

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Thanks again Sandman!

I have a love/ hate for these videos. It’s so cool to watch in slow-motion to really see what’s going on that you can’t normally see…but watching people in slow-mo puts me to sleep after about 3 plays.

I do appreciate Sandman’s work though.

I enjoy it because it allows me to watch everything away from the ball. Unlike watching it live, where I’m more focused on where the ball is going.

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Not sure. But either at the end of regulation or OT Golladay caught one and reached to the sideline with the ball but the ref kept the clock running.

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