Lions vs Chargers in-game thread

Lions play the Chargers today at 1pm!

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Go Lions time to show who you are going to be this season.

  1. Stop the run. Snacks is gonna have a chip on his shoulder. (get it?)

  2. Tackle, Tackle, Tackle. Rivers is going to complete a high percentage of passes. Keep the ball in front, and tackle.

  3. Protect the ball AND Stafford. Limit turnovers, and give Stafford a little time. Eyes on you Crosby.

  4. 1 Big Play from someone. Kick/Punt Return, sack-fumble, INT return…we need 1 big play to ignite the home crowd and spark this team to a victory.

I’m in Houston today working an event. Sucks, I cant watch the game.
Houston is a shit hole too.

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I was just in El Paso for business. That is a shit hole as well

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Detroit Lions inactives:
T Taylor Decker
LB Jarrad Davis
DL Da’Shawn Hand
G Beau Benzschawel
CB Amani Oruwariye
WR Travis Fulgham
QB David Blough

So, no Decker. Okay Crosby, time to step up. No Davis either, sucks but we need him to be good to go however long it takes.

Duh, Texas…

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Oh yeah. Been about 10 years for me. Looking across the border was freaky. Like another planet.

This is not true.

I get the feeling that the Lions will struggle the first 2-3 series. Bevell will want to run the ball to keep the Charger’s DE’s in check and Kerryon will get stuffed. LAC will be expecting the run to start the game.

I’d use the pass to open up the run. I’d have Stafford get rid of the ball quickly with short passes in the slot to Hock, KJ & Danny.

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From Dave Birkett, Det FreeP

The Lions played 30 snaps with 2 or 3 TEs on the field last week. Matthew Stafford completed 12 of 12 passes for 194 yards and a TD on those plays, and five of the gains went for 20-plus yards …

Sounds good to me.

Crosby vs Bosa is going to be a nightmare.

They’ve gotta give Crosby some help over there. Maybe Wagner too on the other side.

Couple stats for you…chargers lead the nfl in RBS recieving yards and pass attempts (29+% pass plays went to rbs)
We were one of the best defending it 6 catches for only 55yds
No team had ever tied week 1 and made thes playoffs (very small sample size) so we can make history

Maybe we can be the first team to go undefeated at 0-0-16 ?

Very interesting indeed, we’ll probably see even more of this today.
Thanks for sharing that little tidbit.

Wolf checking in 12:58 Go Blue !!

Ok - ill throw this out there now… wth!

Going 0-1-1 has a slightly worse chance of making the playoffs then 0-2?! Crazy but true

But two teams that went 1-1-1 made the SB!! Good data in the below read but makes me sad too… we must have hope !!

Anybody got a good stream link? My steam is choppy.

Chargers punting after Slay breaks up pass to Allen.