***Lions Vs. Chiefs Game Day Thread***

Hi, Lions fans! An interesting matchup of undefeated teams at Ford Field as our 2-0-1 Detroit Lions host the undefeated 3-0 and 2018 AFC West Champions Kansas City Chiefs. Chiefs are playing a regular season road game at Ford Field in 8 years. Lions and Chiefs is also the NFL On FOX marquee single header game this Sunday afternoon.

Lions players are wearing their throwback uniforms for this game against the Chiefs, which is solid silver helmets, Nike columbia blue jerseys, and silver pants.

Lions defense will be kept busy by the K.C.Chiefs offense led by 2018 NFL MVP Patrick Mahomes, who led all quarterbacks last season with his 50 touchdowns. Mahomes and the Chiefs lead the NFL in Passing Offense, as well as #2 in Total Offense and #3 in Total Points after three games in 2019.

Detroit hopefully will duplicate and repeat another blowout and result from Kansas City’s last regular visit to Ford Field, as the Lions routed the Chiefs 48-3 back on September 18, 2011.

Kansas City though also lead the all-time regular season series over Detroit with their 8-5 record, in this afternoon’s 14th meeting.

Kevin Burkhardt and Charles Davis are announcing the live TV game commentary, along with sideline reporter and interviewer Pam Oliver, for the NFL On FOX’s primary single header game, seen regionally, and locally on WJBK FOX Channel 2 in Detroit, live on HD.

NO injuries to the Lions and Chiefs players, but let’s hope Head Coach Matt Patricia, Matthew Stafford, and the rest of the Lions can win their third game from Ford Field this Sunday afternoon before they start their bye week.

Defend Your Den, Play As One Pride, Restore The Roar, And LET’S GO LIONS!!!

2019 Lions Vs. Chiefs Team Injury Reports, Live NFL Game Center, and NFL On FOX Early Regional Game In Red:



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Some pessimism surrounding Slay’s availability …

Worse case scenario, Slay & Stafford out. Damn, game time can’t get here soon enough. I’m sure they’ll both p!ay, just my paranoia holds trump.

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Stafford looks to play, but this “is the closest he’s come to not playing.”

That says a lot considering no matter where you are on his ability, NOBODY can deny his toughness.

I read this last night. Hence, my prior post.

Hope we can run the ball.

Ill be in section 246 doing my part! Chiefs are beatable, lets hope Slay, Amendola and Stafford are as close to full speed as possible.


Bet Quinn wishes he’d have kept Cassle, right about now, or picked up Hoyer.
Two seasons in a row bad decisions by the GM bit us in the ass.
If Matt plays, it’s only because we don’t have a back up and are undefeated.

I doubt that, if he isn’t healthy enough to go he wouldn’t play period. I don’t think the back up situation has anything to do with it.

This team may be our best shot in 60 years. Stafford will play until he physically is unable. At 60%, he’s better than anyone on the bench.

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Just want a close game.

I just want to win.

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A win would be oh so nice.

I gotta say, this Stafford news has dampened my enthusiasm not only for this game but the season. These back and hip issues aren’t going away and is something that is only going to get worse with time as he puts more stress on his body.

I don’t know, I’m sensing that a retirement might not be too far away. He needs to think of his health and family first. I’m hoping for the best but it’s an ominous sign.


Stole this from the Chiefs board, pretty funny,


I love that kind of nonsense
Your PC cred goes in the toilet if you try doing something like that with a “Chief”

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My biggest fear. I don’t think we’ll have him like the Chargers have had Rivers. But again, I wouldn’t blame him.

Nope, not at all, especially with the wifes health scare. My guess is we have him for another couple years, like this and next. Heck if things go off the rails and we’re a sub .500 team this year, it wouldn’t surprise me if he hung them up after.

Stafford will play. At least start until he can’t go. Slay is a game time decision.

Let’s hope for the best and a big upset!

I just hope they’re sorta exaggerating the severity of his pain, we’ve seen Brady on the injury report and come out looking fine many times, also that Rodgers guy and his gimpy ankles etc come out and light it up.

Gonna take a big game from the D, of that there is no question.