Lions vs Chiefs game, need seat help

Hey guys, Im planning on heading to the Lions/Chiefs game in a few weeks. Ill be making my first visit to Michigan in 8 years and planning on heading to the game with my Dad. Last Lions game I attended was Lions/Chiefs in 2011, the home opener.

Im planning on spending about 100 bucks on tickets. Thats my cap. Where would you guys recommend I look for seats?

It looks like its going to be the corner of an end zone, or upper bowl. I just want make sure they are good seats and get a bit of feedback. Let me know what you guys recommend.

Are you a Chiefs fan?

Hell no. I can call them my favorite AFC team, but Im born and bred in Detroit.


Okay, I assumed you were a Lions fan because you’ve been here forever, but it also seemed a little weird that the only other time (or last time) you made the trip up to a Lions game was for another Chiefs game.

At any rate, my response was meant as a casual question and a bump at the same time. People here definitely have the goods on attending games, including where you are going to want to park.

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Yep, I figured. Just was being clear :wink:

I was born and raised in Livonia and then lived in Novi until 2005. Moved to KC for work. I try to hit all of the Lions/Chiefs games. I was at the 2011 beatdown, and was geeked to go to the 2015 game in Arrowhead. Amazing stadium, and yep, its much better than Ford Field. However, that game got moved to London and turned into a massacre anyways. Now Im excited to go to FF this year and finally get back home and see whats changed.

My chick just “found out” last night that attending a Chiefs game in Arrowhead is near the top of my bucket list. She works for an airline so we can fly anywhere for free, so I am able to knock out stuff like that and she likes to plan stuff for us. A few hours ago (before your post) I took a YouTube video to her so she can see why I want to go there. The sea of red, the tomahawk chop, and I can only imagine how loud it REALLY is. Yep…gotta have it!


It’s amazing what the feeling is when you’re in a building going absolutely bananas. I haven’t been able to go to many VGK games (the prices o’ tix is too damn hiiiiigh!!) but the ones I’ve been to were ELECTRIC.

They’ve got little tables inside the press boxes, and during playoff games, some of my stuff would vibrate off of it. You can feel the ground buzzing; it’s incredible – and that’s just during team entrances.

Its insanely loud, and it amuses me when people refer to Ford Field as loud. Id have loved to hear the Silverdome in its heyday to compare, I heard that place was ear splitting.

KC fans are very polite, its a really good place to watch a game. The home of the CHIEFS part and flyover will give you chills if you breathe football. The only true bitch I have about that place is the parking is astronomical. A couple knuckleheads beat the shit out of a rowdy Cowboys fan in the parking lot one year and killed him. To control the tailgating riffraff, they jacked the prices for parking to about 75-80 bucks. Its stupid expensive, but not bad if everyone chips in.

Then of course, you get the KC BBQ. Yum…


One of my favorite memories as a young fan was the refs threatening to penalize the crowd if they kept being so loud in the Silverdome.

One of the stupidest things I’ve ever seen in professional sports.

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Helluva perk, eh!

They still have that on video, the Lions vs Jets game where Barry broke 2k. Its on youtube if you haven’t caught that before. Thats why I said, Id have loved to have heard that in person to compare.

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I’m a small town kid from the south, so the level of freedom is taking some time to adjust to. Back in July I remember we were out drinking on a Friday night. I made a random buzzed comment about “we should go to Tampa.” She says “okay.” We close out the tab, grab our toiletries and a change of clothes at the house, and head to the airport and were on the next flight out to Tampa. WTF? This weekend we had a last minute trip planned that involved Las Vegas, New York and Philadelphia…but we were both tired so we decided to just chill at home (coughon the beachcough) instead of traveling. There is a direct flight to Miami from here, so our plan eventually is to fly out in the morning…have some fun there…then fly back that night.

I’ve never experienced anything like it, and hope I never “get used to it.”


I went to the AFC Championship game at Arrowhead last year. It was an amazing experience. There really is no environment that compares. The tailgate before the game is incredible as well. If you get a chance to go in your lifetime, I strongly suggest you do.

I am also heading to Detroit for the Chiefs/Lions game in a couple of weeks.

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I will never forget that game. Obviously because of Lions moments. But from a personal standpoint, that’s when my sisters husband visited our little town in VA for the first time. He is from Detroit and hadn’t really traveled outside of it at the time. The “news hour” came on. He’s used to shootings, robberies, government corruption and other things leading off the news hour. For our little local news, the lead story was SILO BLEW! Some series of events led to a farmers grain silo exploding, and it led off the news hour…complete with country ass people getting interviewed on their opinion and reaction to it. We went from the airport to home, where the game was on TV…to this lead story on the news. It was his “welcome to the south” moment. LOL

I just ordered my tickets, Ill be in section 246. Hope we get to see a good game and a Lions win!

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Same here. Unbelievable experience. Barry’s 2,000 yards rushing, league MVP, and the Lions secured a playoff spot.

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Have her get you tickets to one of their rival games. Oakland or Denver

I wasn’t able to get to the game yesterday, but will be at the Chiefs game. After seeing what the Chiefs had done so far, I don’t have high hopes for a Lions win. Just gonna go find a good spot to tailgate and watch the game with anticipation.

Happy for you, dude! That’s amazing!

Do you mean week after next, or in the SB? Looks like KC could possibly be good enough to get to the SB, so we may play them twice, this year?


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