Lions Vs. Jaguars Slowlights 2022


Just a few observations:

  1. DeAndre Swift did a much better job of running north and south. His performance was much better.

  2. On the Houston sack, Hutchinson was triple teamed!

  3. Sewell was constantly blocking in the secondary and the DBs wanted no part of him.

  4. Awosika struggled quite a bit.

  5. St. Brown is and was still “the Man” in the WR corps.

  6. Anzalone made a great read on the screen and dropped the Jags RB for no gain.


Hell, biggest observation for me is watching how good Goff is with his accuracy, footwork, using the pocket, and when runs out/on play action. Seriously, he’s not flashy in real time, but his game and mechanics are a ■■■■■■■ clinic watching in slomo.


Props to the OL who played great down a guy. Who did the Jags take with the first pick??? Walker was pretty invisible today.

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Love watching these - Looks like multiple agregious hands to face plays by Jags D-line against our o-line early. Seemed to be fewer later. O-line held up nicely in pass pro despite that.


On the first highlight, DeShon Elliott bailed out the Lions defensive lineman, especially Hutch who got caught inside:

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He was very visible when Goff spun away from him to avoid a sack.

Man Swift really spins a lot when he gets tackled, doesn’t he? It’s really clear in slo mo and I can’t help but think one of these days he’s gonna hurt a knee that way.

In general so much wasted movement with that guy