Lions vs. Packers preview podcast: Is Jordan Love good?

In answer to GB owning the refs: Through three weeks, Green Bay has gained 154 yards of offense on pass interference penalties.—more than double the amount of the team in second (Cowboys, 73).


Evely said. “The deep ball—he’s been gunning—the deep ball hasn’t been there.”

We need to see the pummel of Love. Make him and the refs inconsequential.

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For a guy completing 53% of passes the answer is simple, not that good.


Their schedule has been cake so far. Only challenge was NO, and they were on their way to blownoutville until Carr got hurt and the carcass of Jameis Winston came in. Not skeered.

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Can we kick the shit out of them?


I just happened to be reading when you reply popped up then half of it disappeared.

I was going to post that it’s been forever since we kicked the crap out of them but then so I remembered that Kizer game. DeShone not Soze.


Nothing to see here boys…

Now don’t get me wrong, I sure hope Love turns out terribly. But, he hasn’t had his best WR yet this season and Aaron Jones has missed 50% of the action as well. Hard to judge Love until he’s got his best players out there.

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Maybe. But I don’t GB has played any top defenses either.

By completion percentage that he is # 33 (beats Zach Wilson).

He has dine a good job with only one INT though and taken 3 sacks total. His QBR and ratings are middle of the pack.

Overall, I would expect slightly better Even if mIssing weapons. This is the NFL the only the team will be full strength is maybe first day of training camp. He is the third best QB in this division.

For a guy who has had plenty of time to learn and imorove over the years with little stress if I were the Packers I would have expected better.

Campbell spoke to this exact point when asked in the Kirwin/Miller interview today about his impression of J Love. Specifically how Love puts the ball where two things have been happening, only his guy can catch it or he gets a dpi flag.

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Break Up Love GIF by Happy Valentine's Day!

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This is definitely something to look out for. After you posted this I went back and watched the film on the PI’s. The Falcons had 87 of those yards on 2 plays, and both were legit. On the first one they got fooled on the first play of the game. Their best DB (AJ Terrell) intentionally dove and tackled the receiver to give up a 44 yard PI rather than a 80 yard TD play. The other one was a 43 yarder where the DB put the WR in a chokehold like we see some offensive lineman doing Hutch.

Then I looked up the game logs from the Saints game, and it tells a different story. Down 17-3 in the 4th quarter and in desperate need to get something going, the Packers received back to back gift PI calls. On the very first play of the drive they were handed 45 yards on a phantom call where the DB literally never touched the receiver. On the very next play they were handed 22 free yards on a very strange play. I would love to hear the regular telecast to see how they try to explain what the Saints did wrong, because I can’t find a single thing. And what makes it strange is that the ref throws the flag before the “pass interference” actually takes place.

I grabbed a screen shot. In the red is the ball, and I circled the players involved in the PI. I used an arrow to show you where the ref is that threw the flag. At this point he has already thrown the flag, you just can’t see it come into the screen yet. WTF?


I’m hoping he is that special kind of bum that takes several losing seasons to finally give up on. God knows we’ve had our share of those.