Lions vs. Seahawks bold prediction: Monster day from Aidan Hutchinson

I tgink somebody should let the author know that his prediction of a “monster” game from Hutch against backup OTs is not all that bold… :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Here’s a bold prediction… the Lions defense notches 8+ sacks collectively on the Seattle QBs… enroute to a blowout win.

I think Houston could have a monster game. He didn’t play against Seattle last year and they don’t know what’s coming!

I’m curious if we will run a bunch of zone again today like they did against Chiefs.

Geno can run… and zone helps against the RBs running as well.

On the other hand… could run 2-man or even 1-man and attack the O-line that is significantly shorthanded.

I think mixing it up would be a good game plan!

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