Lions waive Geronimo Allison

Not surprising after addition of Reynolds…

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Not surprised.

So that leaves what Reynolds,Raymond and St Brown as starters with Benson and Hodge as 4 and 5…:man_facepalming: If anyone questions why Hock is struggling look no further.


What’s your favorite memory form Geronimo Allison’s time with the Lions?


Him leaving?!

Prayers he has a good life but…. :crazy_face::upside_down_face::+1::pray::heart:


Probably him opting out of 2020 so we didn’t have to see him drop a bunch of passes.


His opt out accomplished something… it reduced the Lions’ 2021 UFA WR count from 5 WRs down to 4 WRs. :+1:

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Opting out of 2020 bought him a free year towards his pension.

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Lmao dude.

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How many years in the league do they need for the pension and insurance programs?
Does his opt-out year count towards that?

That one time he was activated to the game day roster…

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happy trails, thanks for nothing putz.

Hey Remember the time we had thee Geronimo Allison? …me either.

3 years and you’re in with re to pensions, full report…

I like the message it sends The best ability is availability unfortunately; the Lions aren’t consistent and we show favoritism to some players i.e. DaShawn Hand.

I think the new staff (Holmes, DC) gave Hand a final season to earn a spot… but also drafted Levi and traded for Brockers because they are not counting on Hand to be around.

The Hand job is going to someone else next season.

Too brittle.

He was our one WR that isn’t 5’6? So ya know… bye…