Lions waive rookie LB Isaac Darkangelo

Cut now it would be a $390,000 hit
Cut post june 1 $195,000 hit.

Yea its not much. But its more than 0

That’s a bad ass name

I went to PT today… my therapist was named Darkangelo.

If cut, it’s $195K more this year instead of $195K next year. Same amount will need to be recognized at some point, whether he’s on the team or not.

Signing bonus proration isn’t guaranteed money owed to Barnes, it’s already been paid. I was just pointing there is no guarantee money is owed to Barnes, none of the monies owed (base salaries) are guaranteed.

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I went for a checkup today. My doctor was named Dr. Acula. All he wanted to do was a blood test. Kind of odd for a dentist.

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Now that was a dad joke!

Classic Film Dracula GIF by Warner Archive


you can’t have some guy named dark angel ruining the culture of the team

Grandfather started at GM at 18, went to GMI, became a plant manager, gave them 42 years, invested, reinvested, reinvested, ended up with 70,000 shares of GM stock. He got sick, passed, estate held in probate while the stock went to $0, F***** every investor, execs got golden parachutes, and then gov bailed them out.

F*** GM!!! Will never buy a vehicle from those shadee f***s.

They realized they don’t need him on the roster because although it’s not available to stream you can still buy the DVDs.

I luv me some Dark Angel
dark angelllll


@Thats2 we gonna need some stronger poles next time we flag plant or else I aint cosigning!!

Yeah didn’t make it very long. Too many depth LBs so I’m not shocked.

Wanna cosign on Brad Cecil at Center an Evan Brown clone?

or Tyler Durden DT same school as McNeil?

The first rule of making it as a UDFA is no one talks about making it as a UDFA.

I like Durden better than Cecil just based on the depth chart, better chance at making it at DT than iOL. Honestly my favorite now is probably Nowaske because Darnkangelo got cut. One less guy to compete with.

Seems to me like Thomas and Ibrahim likely have these shot

Government Motors. Nothing has been the same since 09.

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