Lions will coach the senior bowl


Great to hear!

I hope Campbell and Company are better at it than Fatty Matty was.

Him and Quinn had a whole week with Justin Herbert QBing in their direct presence, and then took Okudah 3rd overall.


Holmes LOVES the senior bowl for scouting and has said so many times. He prefers it to pro-days and 40 times.

It’s his best chance to see how guys play without much prep and against other top players. Especially good for scouting FCS guys who don’t regularly go against D1 talent.

DC will have the chance to make a big impression on these young men and should have fun doing it. Trick plays anyone?!?


Great opportunity for the Lions coaches, scouts and GM.

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Incredible. Just incredible they were that obtuse. But in fairness, I’m sure nothing had been discussed regarding moving on from Matt. So it was moot.


This Senior Bowl is going to be really good for the Lions. Lots of important positions groups they need are stocked with prospects. Jahan Dotson will be there. Kenny Pickett, Malik Willis, Haskell Garrett, Brisker, Perrion Winfrey, Jalen Torbert, Cook’s little brother, Brian Robinson, McCreary, Tre Turner. Obviously they won’t coach all of them but still.


I would really be into getting James Cook in the late rounds.


Huge to have MCDC and crew coaching senior bowl. Love it!!!


Bro, I still pissed lol !

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I have to admit it didn’t make a lot of sense to take Herbert at that time. I won’t kill Bob for that. But I will absolutely kill him for not doing more to facilitate a trade. Some great arguments have been made about how they didn’t have a trade partner etc., but to this day I still consider that to be shoddy GMing.


This is huge for the lions and Holmes. I imagine we could find some gems with this opportunity. Great deal.


I was wondering where he ends getting picked… but I think his splash plays the last few games might boost his stock up a bit higher than he was projected.

We will find some gems this year…but…

The real advantage for Holmes/Campbell and the Lions is the week long, close and personal, relationship building with these players.

Obviously the Lions cannot draft everyone from the Senior Bowl, but what we can do is make an impact in how that player perceives our coaches and front office.

Many of these players will become free agents one day, and they’ll have a choice when deciding who their next team to play for is.

Fast Forward to March of 2025 - the effects from the Senior Bowl (2022) week may still have a positive impact on our free agent signings.

Especially with a guy like Dan Campbell…all those kids are going to love him in Mobile, AL.

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Huge… and Holmes… has made sense for a few decades now…

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After playing for Dan in the senior bowl, all of those people will want to get drafted by the LIons


I know I said it once already, but I keep looking at this roster and it just seems stacked to me. Lots and lots of guys they’ll get a close look at. Lots of those UGA defenders. Cinci defenders. Some of those QBs everybody is all over the place on. Pickett, Ritter, Willis, and Strong will all be there. That is huge if they are on the fence on some of those QBs. Some small school WRs and DBs like Torbert. Woolen, and Doubs. Even guys who are my like hidden gems they’ll get a look at, like Ruckert and Logan Hall.

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I can’t wait to hear the player interviews from guys that were coached by Campbell and Company…it’s not just Dan, it’s the entire staff.


This is the first time I can ever remember where I believe having our coaching staff working with college players is going to be as good for the players as it is for the Lions to have a chance to scout players.


I really want Cooks or Ealy or someone along those lines later in the draft. We need some redundancy for Swift’s pass catching abilities as I don’t trust him to stay healthy.

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