Lions will have NFL's 2nd-shortest travel distance in 2022


Longest flight is 2.5 hours to Dallas.

Where is the Super Bowl being held this, well, next year (23)?

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For every player on this team next year, it’s being held in their living room.


You’re a dick!:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Look man you know I love this team to death and am all about the positivity like Natty, but can we start with a wild-card birth first? I understand aiming high but damn brother not that high! :laughing:

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8 miles from my house

Glendale Arizona


There’s only one goal. One reason to have an NFL franchise.
Just let me have my hopes and dreams crushed by mid season, like every year so far, would ya?

I was about to say, “that doesn’t tell me a damned thing”.:laughing:

That’s my point. I said wild-card. You said Super Bowl next year. Like you’re already planning to be crushed by mid-season this year.

I don’t think hoping for a wild-card this year is insane. Don’t know that I 100% think it will happen, but much like you a man can hope.

We’re in the same boat heading in the same direction!

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I expect 9 or 10 wins, bare minimum in 2022.