Lions win Pete Rozelle award for top PR staff in the league

Congratulations are in order for the Detroit Lions public relations and media relations staff. They have been voted the winner of the 2022 Pete Rozelle Award by the Professional Football Writers of America.

The Pete Rozelle Award is given annually to the top PR team, as voted upon by the members of the PFWA. This is the first tie the Lions have won the award.

From the press release,

The Rozelle Award is given to the NFL club public relations staff that consistently strives for excellence in its dealings and relationships with the media.

In full disclosure, I am a PFWA member and I did vote for the Lions. They deserve it!


I’ve always said “the first thing you do when building a team is get a good PR staff”.

Super bowl is next boys!


Bills writer on Lions winning the award from twitter:

katherine fitzgerald




When Bills-Browns game got moved to Detroit, I remember being just in full chaos. Within a couple hours of announcement,


sent us all a massive list of restaurants, coffee shops & things to do in Detroit. I almost cried?? It was proactively kind, & this is well deserved.


Shelia’s prints are on everything. From top to bottom her team has taken a massive turn for the better.

All they have to do now is win…and the winning needs to start Thursday September 7th.


I’d imagine we will put up a new banner in ford field for this massive achievement!

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I think those guys have done a fantastic job. The inside the Den series have been awesome and I cant wait for the next one to drop.

Don’t forget that Brad was in PR. If I am remebering correctly, he got a job in PR with the Atlanta Hawks a long time ago and worked his way up from there.


You beat me to it, buddy. 100%. We are the luckiest fans in the NFL.

Culture goes from HR…to PR…through the FO…to the trainers…to the assistant coaches…the GM…the training/medical staff…to ownership.

Office Linebacker plays a big role in it too.

Holy shit are Lions fans ever lucky. I’m not saying “I can’t wait for the SB,” because I want to enjoy this entire ride.

Loving it!


Ha, I read it as the Pete Rose award. Thought it might be an award for gambling.


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Good PR? I bet Pat McAfee still thinks they suck! :joy:

You’re remembering exactly. He was cut from that cloth as a young pup, and you can tell. Even now the once or twice he’s taken direct shots at the media, he does so very tactfully and respectfully. And has even said a few times that’s where he started and why he’s appreciative and respects what they do. He understand the job first hand.


They deserved it ever since their brilliant Animal Crossing schedule reveal.

Best PR team in the league by far.

And I want to echo the Sheila aspect here–she changed everything. What a blessing.


Only trophy we had around here in 30 years. lol

We had 4 staff members and 4 players busted for gambling so the PR staff really earned this one! I propose a super banner! Double the size of the made the playoffs banners.

The chatter on that did disappear rather quickly.


The whosie-whats-this award?
I thought PR stood for “punt return” staff in the heading.
That said, those “Inside The Den” episodes get me HYPED!

Sheila Hamp just runs a better organization than the Lions have ever had.

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I guess they have had one of the best in the business for some time since the arrival of………brace yourself boys…….wood has his fingerprints all over the PR dpt.

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It’s a lot of fun my man. It’s like no stone is being left unturned. They are overhauling every nook and cranny of their organization.

I do wonder if they are going to upgrade Allen Park (is their room to expand?). A lot of NFL teams have created amazing state of the art facilities and offices…I think that should be next on Sheila’s list.

Rod Wood talked about it at the owner’s meeting. I will link you to a Kyle Meinke article that references some of the quotes. The short version is that yes, Rod Wood wants new facilities. He doesn’t feel like the Allen Park facility is something they want to expand. They want to pick up and move altogether. In particular so that its easier for the fans to get to the facility and find parking.


He’s only doing a good job because Sheila told him to do a good job.