Lions won that game. Bottom line

I’m upset with Patricia for not pulling that team off the field.


not what the record will show nate .Damn it I think I gotta stop watching for the season just like the damn dallas playoff game man .We will get to here how the offense stalled and we had our shots and yes we did but the refs beat us again and im sick of it.i knew it before the damn game and I watched it any damn way shame on me.

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Great, and now all those inbred Packer fans are going home to smoke meth and make the next generation of webbed-fingered cheese heads.

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I’m more upset with him for not throwing the challenge flag on that clear and obvious pass interference.

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That was the only play I was upset with MP. I thought his game plan was fine. Screwed by the refs. Welcome to the D Flowers.

Ain’t that the truth, I love how these players come here and get shocked and awed at the calls against them. TJ Lang used to look flabbergasted at the holding calls cuz he was used to getting away with it in Green Bay, lol

It was sort of comical (had I not been crying) when the announcer said, “Yeah, but Flowers has been doing that for years, what’s changed?”

Um, he was with the Patriots.

Now he’s with the Lions.

Get it?

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Yep! One of many victories where we were outscored at the end of the game.

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I can take the Lions losing because of turnovers and blown tackles. They’ve had far more than their share of them over the years. But this? It makes me wonder why I watch this game.

I won’t make any ultimatum about punishing the officials because there’s no point. They called that game the way their bosses wanted them to.

Do you honestly thing they would have overturned the not PI? With the way this game was called…not a fucking chance!

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Yeah, what was I thinking, that one of these cheesedick sucking refs had integrity.

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Well, no. The bottom line is 2-2-1!
Our opinions and memories have no effect on the reality of the game.
Green Bay is the best team in the division.

No one other than Lions fans will care about it in 2 or 3 days.

I’d say by the end of the day today.

Is it a coincidence that the officiating has evolved into a clown show since they started wearing those headsets?

Actually, the lions lost the game by blowing it like we’ve seen so many times before.


Its clear that whomever the officials are that are in charge of reviewing the PI calls does not like the new rule of being able to challenge PI’s. They’ve taken some pretty obvious officiating mistakes and just stayed with the call on the field a majority of the time. I think its part spite, but also I think they were trying to condition the coaches into not challenging it. It worked.

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I hope lions fans flood this clown with lovely messages