Lions X Factor against the Chargers?

Not a bad choice by the author.

KJ…I think he has a big week against a Dline that is built to get the QB more than stop the run.

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I’d say coaching. Can they rip another victory away in the 4th quarter?

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Every week…YES!
The coaches lost last week, for sure.

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DLine could wreck them! I like their choice. I’m also waiting for someone to tell Flowers that football season has started.
Snacks should get doubled, which leaves Daniels available to go into Hulk smash mode.

Fingers crossed.

Crowd Noise! (It wins Championships!)


No need to have a spy on Rivers. That was JRM’s duty last game on Murray. I would bring pressure from all sorts of direction on Rivers.


Definitely! This is a guy our LBs can track down quickly. Bring heat from everywhere and light his ass up!

My pick is going to be Flowers. He can’t afford to go all milk carton like he did last week. He will become public enemy #1 and will take Ebron’s spot on the most hated hometown player. Dude needs to bring it and justify that enormous contract.

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This is exactly what I said about AZ. Hopefully, the Dline is over its gassiness.