Lions' Ziggy Ansah 'making progress' in return from shoulder injury

Progress! On a related note, if you didn’t know, copying and pasting a URL into the “title” field will generate the title for you along with the pretty box above.

Anyway, this is encouraging: “He’s right in the mix right now with all of it,” Patricia said. “You want to go out and see him be able to produce in practice and function at a level in practice where, A, he can protect himself and, B, he can do what you need him to do. And then be able to come in the next day and still feel like he’s moving in the right direction of that. So it is day-by-day for us right now, but it’s certainly been good the last couple weeks to be able to see a little bit of consistency with that kind of preparation.”

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Cool feature.

I hope he is a go for Min.

He’s a waste of a roster spot unless he plays at some point this season. It’s a major divisional game, so if he doesn’t play Sunday, I’ll remain confused as to why he isn’t on IR …

Yeah, the fact he hasn’t had surgery is a good thing, unless it never heals properly on its own. Hopefully he’s taking down Cousins on Sunday.

Shoulders are weird though, taking this long to heal from something I would think has to be a significant injury like a dislocation or rotator cuff tear, imo.

I wonder if they keep doing this so teams ‘have to prepare’ to face him or something.

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That’s an interesting theory… possible I guess.

Our run D and passrush need a boost and Ziggy is the Ansah!


I had a separation that hampered me in hockey and football and has NEVER properly healed. 40 years later and once in a while I wake up and it’s semi out of joint and hurts like hell. And tendonitis. But you’d think with the kind of medical attention you get in the NFL there would be better progress. He could be dealing with tendonitis. Not fun. Doesn’t take much to flare up at all.

He might be headed for offseason surgery and it looks like he’ll have to sign a one-year prove it deal somewhere in any event. If he gets healthy, maybe the Lions get him on a bargain deal next season. Probably not.


Who would have thought it would take this long to cure a yeast infection?


don’t worry as soon as he hits the field he’ll suffer a pinky bruise and be right back on the injury list after 2 quarters of A game…I’m being generous.

I appreciate that having the roster spot would have been helpful.

I presume that the week 1 injury was viewed as a week to week and didn’t merit IR. He’s been more day to day recently (for all the good that’s done the club) and I’m thinking @Minny is a brilliant place for him to play.

Mind games would make me feel better (not the Lennon tune- the fact that Patricia has been sandbagging, waiting for the division slate to heat up) although I realize that is unlikely.
He’s making the same on IR as practicing- albeit in consistent limited fashion. Obviously it would have benefited the Lions to IR.
Meh. Hindsight sucks. If he plays and stays healthy this defense gets better vs the run and the pass.
Here’s hoping…
Edit- I guess my overarching thought would be that we anticipated Ziggy back within 5-6 games and we’re paying him literally a million dollars a week whether he’s on IR or not. If you think he can return you maximize his value by not having to suffer the 8 weeks (or whatever it is for IR return).

You ain’t right, son!:rofl:

Unless he finishes strong I’d guess he won’t bring the Lions any value in the comp pick dept.

Assuming he doesn’t finish strong. Has surgery in the offseason and doesn’t get much interest in FA.

So if you could resign him on a let’s say 9 mil one year deal … would you?

I wouldn’t sign him to a multi year deal and I wouldn’t give him a one year deal that’s worth more than 5-7mil.

Honestly, I’m pretending Ansah isn’t even a Lion anymore.

I mean, what’s the difference? Doesn’t seem like he’s making a difference either way.

I’m just geeked to see the usernames in this thread man…woot!


I’m not sure Ziggy is even in the NFL next year. This feels awful similar to the Levy situation.

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He’s dead cap while he’s still here so that the dead cap doesn’t sting as much. :smile:

“Detroit Lions defensive end Ziggy Ansah has not played in nearly two months, since stubbing his uterus in a Sept. 10 game against the New York Jets.”

There… all fixed.