List of players invited to the NFL scouting combine

Here’s a link.

I count 337 total
17 -QBs
30 -RBs
55 -WRs
20 -TEs
52 - OL
46 - DL
45 -Lbers
60 - Dbs
12 - ST

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Thanks Air, it looked just like Bob Quinn’s Christmas list!

Crazy thought about the combine: What would you think if Chase Young declines? Doesn’t want to risk injury. Does it drop him in your mind.

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I think it does a little. I think it would in MP and BQ’s eyes too.

I think teams have a pretty good indication just how well his numbers stack up but they will want to compare him to the Bosa brothers and Clowney just to see how he stacks up. If I recall didn’t Clowney hold out of some drills.

Personally I suspect he will participate in most if not all drills to help secure his draft status but if he chose not to I’m not sure he would slide far if at all.

Young should at least show up for the interviews and medical. The rest is on tape. :wink:

He will and it is plausible a team like Washington says to him … we’re drafting you no need to risk injury.

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Ooohhh…20 TE’s.

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So, what is this yrs number of players we can do one on one interviews with?

Of 337, 10% would be 33.7 dudes…

I think I recall we get only 15 or so? Meaning we have to know who we like enough to give an interview too as that’s only approx. 5%…,

They have to get those individuals determined and vectored well before hand…

I’d love to see the selection process!! :thinking::crazy_face::upside_down_face::+1:

Oluwole Betiku is a pretty glaring combine snub.

He’s a pretty intriguing day three option as a pass rush specialist. I think he might be a guy that BQ will like. Much like Hand he was a high five star out of high school. Unlike Hand the lightbulb finally did go on for Betiku while still in college.

At the combine? Each team is allowed 60max 15 minute interviews.

Each team also gets 30 predraft private visits.

Outside the combine and the draft teams get to meet at pro days EW game ect. These are pretty much unlimited.

Thank you for taking the time to answer!

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17% is better than five!!

I would still love to be a fly on the wall as they sifted they the whole group to determine what 60 they were going to interview

Personally I think those quick 15 minute interviews cant really tell a team much. Maybe a little quick film study can help. Mostly I think teams want to get a feel for each kid and ask a tough question or two to help remove any doubt.

My understanding is that most teams have their lists of draft able targets made up from film study.
The combine is used to confirm what they saw on tape.
The 15 min interviews are to get a feel for each kids personality and possibly their ability to read film.
The pro days and pre drafts visits don’t really mean much and are used differently by each team.

Read this if it interests you.

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Your welcome.

Here are the rules for pre-draft visits if anyone is interested.

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So now, the math geek in me wants to know… if there is data out there per the League or per teams that show where the players get picked by how many visiting team they went to…

Player x had x number of visits and then was drafted where if at all…

Wonder if any trends would show.

Or, per the article, the visits are used for those not showing up at the combine… Which makes sense to me…

Nothing that I know of but I used to track the Lions visits on a spread sheet. The only trend I noticed was if BQ was planning to draft a position in the mid rounds he would bring in a bunch of players from that position group. Players projected to go high and low in the draft. But BQ does a pretty good job of hiding who he’s interested in.

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who would have thought this?

I heard that agents are advising top prospects to not participate in the drills

Changes in drills have left too many unknowns and agents feel that it’s too risky for the top prospects to participate.

Young won’t be the only top prospect who doesn’t participate in drills.

Where did you hear that? It doesn’t make much sense to me. I couldn’t find anything reporting that and it would be a pretty big story. Each spot you move up in the draft is significant cash.

In Young’s case skipping the drills is somewhat understandable since he isn’t going to change his draft spot. But story is Young is going to work out at the Ohio State pro day so he risks injury there too, so it is contradictory.

Some guys always sit out as they are nursing injuries or coming off surgery and that makes sense, but probably hurts their draft stock some as it raises concerns.

I saw it on Twitter. I recall someone had quoted an agent then had a write up about what he was hearing agents concerns were. I tried to go back and find it but couldn’t. I got tired of looking for it. Twitter search function sucks.

Actually it’s not contradicting to what I read. What I read was agents felt there were too many unknowns with this years combine changes. So they were advising top players to not participate in combine drills and instead wait until their pro-day where the agent could control things better. Dang I wish I could find that because there was more. Something about the new test had no data history and agents were worried how a GM would interpret the data from these new combine tests.

I’ll try to find it again.

Now Chaisson is following suit?

While I don’t think it hurts Young I do think it hurts Chaisson. I was expecting this kid to blow up the combine with his athleticism. This will hurt his draft stock. Surprised by this choice.