List of potential OC Candidates -- Make your pick

These were names in an article from the athletic. They go into long detail about why each guy fits, but I want your view on these guys, whether it’s good or bad.

George Godsey
(Lions’ quarterbacks coach)

Jeff Davidson
(Lions’ O-line coach)

Brian Picucci
(Lions’ offensive assistant/quality control)

Shane Waldron
(Rams’ passing game coordinator)

Chad O’Shea
(Patriots’ receivers coach):

Nick Caley
(Patriots’ tight ends coach)

Jerry Schuplinski
(Patriots’ assistant quarterbacks coach)

Kliff Kingsbury
(recently fired as Texas Tech coach; “sex appeal” in coaching form)

Adam Gase
(Dolphins head coach)

Zac Taylor
(Rams’ quarterbacks coach & running game coordinator):

Sean Ryan
(Texans quarterbacks coach)

Brian Callahan
(Raiders quarterbacks coach)

Kellen Moore
(Ex-Lion; Cowboys quarterbacks coach)

Kevin O’Connell
(Redskins passing game coordinator)

Kevin Stefanski
(Vikings quarterbacks coach)

It depends on which one can have the simplest game plan.

If it were me I’d get the OSU OC. He actually game plans for the opponent.

  1. Kubiak (not listed)
  2. Kingsbury

Last: Any MFer associated with the GD Patriots unless it’s Belicheck.

edited to add: if Adam Gase were magically available, I’d love to have him. Proven good playcaller.


Might as well add Mike McCarthy! Lol

…and for fun, Jim Caldwell! HA!!!

Shane Waldron is the most interesting name on the list to me, anyway.

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Wasn’t there grumblings about Gase’s playcalling being too conservative and essentially costing the 'phins the game last week?

Kellen Moore, obviously!
But seriously, of that group? Zack Taylor would be my choice.
Now, talk him into leaving the Rams.

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Either one of the Ram guys but the passing guy first.

Shane Waldron will be the hottest name out there this offseason. But is he for real? Or is he more like Joe Lombardi…where Sean Payton (McVay) is the real genius and playcaller and he’s just going along for the ride?

I’m throwing my support behind Nathaniel Hackett, even though he didn’t make the list.


Kliff Kingsbury would be my favorite off of that list. I think he could get a lot out of Stafford and I think KJ could adjust and still be an asset in the air raid.

Kubiak would be my 1A. I think he’ll have better options if he wants to coach though.

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Kubiak is my #1-5 choices. After that I just want someone who can bring life to this unit. Who can actually game plan to exploit the opponents weakness. Or even better, adjust in game, now there’s a concept.
I think Stafford works excel with all the play action and roll outs kubiak incorporates

Pick who we want or who we think it will be?

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I’ll guess Doug Marrone is fired and becomes our OC. We simply don’t have enough Syracuse ties yet. I kid I think. Adam Gase if fired? He’s probably my favorite NFL possibility. I think both of the Rams guys will have better opportunities.

I’d like a college guy. I’d love Art Briles but that’s not happening. Lane Kiffin? He’d think about it IMO. I’d love Major Applewhite but that’s unlikely. Kendall Briles would be okay with me but he’s pretty green. Blake Anderson is a great offensive coach.

I feel pretty strongly that our best chance to get the most out of Stafford is to go air raid. Basically operate the offense like JBC from a high percentage standpoint, but spread the field more. Allow the velocity of Stafford’s throws to make up for his hot and cold accuracy. And less at the line stuff. Call the plays and have one or two checks but I don’t like Stafford being part OC w/ the audibles

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I wouldn’t mind Gase. He has shown he can help ‘lesser-than’ QBs before, at least when he’s not HC. But yeah, I’m with you on the college connections – it seems like college offense is slowly creeping into the league, so having an “expert” at the integration between the two would be nice.

Larry Fedora is available and a really good college offensive mind but having a CTE denier as the leader of our offense is pretty subpar optics. Not Art Briles bad but not great PR nonetheless.

Yep. Politics before performance.

It’s 2018. It is what it is.

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What an end to that Miami-NE game. Gase isn’t getting fired now. They may just make the playoffs this year.

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