Live game streams

Hey y’all. Does anyone know if reddit still has the live streams for the game? I’ll be in Japan the first four games of the season and it will be insanely early in the morning for me but I still want to watch the games

I have replay but it’s not the same. Usually once I know the score I don’t feel like watching

Pondo usually streams the games IIRC

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Is there a link for that?

Search for ‘buffstreams reddit NFL’ … you’ll be fine.

Or, if buff’s links are too congested …

If THAT doesn’t work, I’ll try my best to get you into the invite-only stream site I usually use.


That would be nice! Glad I re-found this site.



Good to hear from you again.

There are plenty of online options. Will post one or two on Sunday.


Thanks guys!!

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Crackstreams is great too

Scroll down. Buffstream is good but plenty to choose from.

thx @pdono

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Am I the only one who can’t get any audio on the streams, tried four of them. No audio on any of them.

This is working for me.

working for me thx

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The stream is working great, i just can’t get any audio on any of them. Wierd as I didn’t have this issue last year at all.

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Mst be a laptop issue, as audio is working great on my tablet.

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I don’t have to stream this year, Directv offer $95 off a month plus free nflticket

(For future reference)

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Good to see you Emmerson!