Locker room celebration Tampa

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@BigNatty is gonna LOVE this one!!!


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… that’s my vote


I know he’s getting a lot of recognition behind the scenes… But that motherfucker is so bad ass.

He truly doesn’t know how good he is… He’s very humble… Almost to a fault… He doesn’t allow himself to celebrate his own greatness. It can be great to build up your teammates, especially when they need it, but it’s really good to have fun and it’s really good own who you are.

Our “punter” is so much more valuable than most people realize

Anyone else think it’s amazing that are two best quarterbacks got game balls? I’ll bet that’s never happened on another team.


Really well said and I agree!

Sorry Natty. I was too distracted by Skippers beautiful bald head. How do you just put something like that in the background and expect me to pay attention to anything else.

Lol, your eyes just gravitate to that big beautiful bald head, it’s like a lighthouse in the middle of a dark sea

Goff’s is still improving boys.

I promise you he gets better

Campbell is teaching him to on himself as a player… And as a man

This thing is beautiful to watch

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I can fully relate bro. no mirrors all over my home, just one in bedroom & 2 in bathroom. You’d think I was ADHD. LOL. so distracting

friggin’ love you guys

I made the FATAL mistake of not shaving the Chrome for a few weeks. Good god, call me Jim the Monk. I have never pulled the trimmers and a razor out so fast.