Logan Ryan possibly to Detroit? Sources?

This is floating around the Twitterverse and people are wondering if it is legit. Nate burleson follows the account. Not saying it’s legit, but wondering if anyone else has heard anything on this topic. I’m not finding anything else suggesting Logan Ryan is in talks w Detroit.

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I hope he comes to Detroit

I seen last week they were talking but it was a rumor listed. No one knew for sure I don’t think. If we sign Logan, the possibilities of taking Okudah will be slim.
Although I do like Logan a lot. A CB that has 100 tackles in 1 season is just incredible.

If they sign Ryan that might mean they really want Chase Young (hoping he falls), DT Brown, or an OT. I just don’t see QB happening this year after signing Daniel.

No I don’t see a QB either, at all!!
If we wasn’t going Okudah, I really hope its CY!

I kind of figured he was the next target and that they were seeing if his price tag could come down a bit.

I would have rather had Dunbar !!!

Dunbar will be wanting more than what Slay got. So you pick, big money for Dunbar, Ryan for maybe 10mil, or Okudah. I will take Ryan and CY !

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I’m really curious now to see if this account is legit. Some seem to think they report accurate stuff that happens.

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With a couple reports on it just recently, I would view this as very possible. If it is, we should be hearing more soon about it.

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Why Not???..He’s another ex-Patriot Player…More the merrier…image

Why does this fanbase want to pay 10+ for 2 corners who are good in the slot and mediocre at best outside?

Give me Breshaud Breeland before Logan Ryan.

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Not sure where you got that info, yes he has played slot, but he played outside corner in Tennessee, and it was his best years as corner.

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Richardson, who was drafted by Seattle, has a Bevell connection. Has missed a lot of games.

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Mike Iupati 6’ 5" / 331 lbs. be huge man size beside are new ROT 6’ 6" / 320 lbs


DE-OLB Jabaal Sheard played for the Patriots in 2015-2016:

Might add some pass rush.


With the right deal all of these guys are interesting.

Ryan would be my top choice of the three.

Sheard is also worth looking at. 31 in May I believe.

Mike I is older and unlikely to stay healthy but on a one year deal? Could be interesting.

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What tangible do you have that hjs best year was outside?

Tackle numbers?

I dont think they are in the position to pay another CB 10 mill a year they need to lock up Golladay on a long term deal.If they could get him for like 15mill for 2 years maybe.If they want another outside corner it would be cheaper and smarter to go with Okudah who is a big time prospect at a valued position I mean CBs in free agency are getting $20 mill a year now.

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They are? Slay is the highest at 16.6/year :thinking:

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