Logan Thomas - Blocked FG

The lack of effort on that play should be enough to cut him. IM not usually a big reaction type but it was gross. Thats the kind of play that will lose a game and is inexcusable.

Looked to me like he had 2 guys to deal with and no help, which maybe he was expecting and didn’t get.

Basic special teams 101–you always take the inside guy. He tried to block both and missed both.

Still, I think it’s correctable.

Yup inside out on kicks. It’s a coachable and fixable issue. I question more if we have the coaches to fix it than I do if the player can fix it. No trust at all in the st staff

I can definitely see why you would think it was a “lack of effort,” but just remember that the blockers on field goals are not really supposed to move to go block people. They are supposed to remain in place and make defenders go around them. He actually clipped the guy he was trying to block, even though he wasn’t supposed to move. The irony is that he had a little TOO much effort on the play, because had he stayed in place like he was supposed to instead of trying to chase down the outside rusher…he would have been in the way of the guy who ultimately got the block.

That play really bothers me though. There’s Thomas…in one of the most critical positions on the entire line when it comes to field goals…and somehow he wasn’t coached to do the right thing?

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You cant tell me this was a coaching issue. I cant believe it. He blocked neither man. kids on my pop warner teams know how to block this. I would have preferred he at least hit someone.

Not a shot against any of the posters I just cant believe he didnt know this already.

Not good, but I bet he’ll never let it happen again. I’m sure Thomas knows to block inside out, like someone said, this is a peewee football rule. I think Jenkins faked him into getting Thomas to think that he was taking an inside route so that the inside guy would block Jenkins. So Thomas probably thought Jenkins was taken, and so would block the outside guy (which he didn’t do very well). Great play by Jenkins, that i don’t think Thomas will be fooled by again. The silver lining is that it didn’t cost us the game.
Thomas had a great reception before this to keep a drive alive. I would not cut him unless something like this happens again.

That’s my thing…yet another example of failed ST’s coaching. I would fire our coach before I cut Logan.

At least we cut out the penalties on punt returns for the first time in like forever

That was a TREMENDOUS catch by Logan


I definitely agree with you. He’d be on his way out the door if I had a say.