Long wait for free agency ^%$#@

I want it over, done-with, gone…so we can see if what Quinn did there changes anything at all, THEN we can move on to the Draft I’m pretty damn nervous over the draft and have no idea still wth Quinn is thinking.

If the Lions could get NT-DTDJ Reader or Javon Hargrave to play the Snacks position and add CB Chris Harris, that would be a good start.

You must think “delayed gratitude” my friend :upside_down_face:


There will be a few names we draft that we had no idea were on the radar…book it.:crazy_face:

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They’re doing a good job of not showing their hand, that’s for damn sure.

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yeah always happens, my jaw drops and I am like “who in thee hail is that!?” followed by “why!?” and words mama didn’t want you to say.


Like when your daughter brings home her surprise date! :crazy_face:

Right on man, I’m right there with you.:joy:

I will be real when they announced KG I was like “who the fuck is that?” Followed by “what the fuck is Quinn doing?”

I felt like he was a consolation prize for missing out on Zay Jones.
Little did I know he was our consolation prize for the ridiculous 1st and 2nd round picks.

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It’s hard to show your hand when even they have no idea what that hand is.

Rounds 2-7, yeah. Round 1, I feel like every year all the experts have nailed our pick before the draft, and every year I hate it.

Name I don’t see mentioned around here much is A. Armstead. He seems to fit the profile of what Patricia and Q are looking for in a defensive linemen. Good against the run and even started to actually get after the passer this past season with 10 sacks. I believe the 49ers are in a tough cap spot(around 10 million or so), so he may get away from them unless they start juggling their roster a bit. Just a thought, hadn’t seen much posted about him on here, or maybe I just missed it. Edit: jumped over to the 9ers forums to take a looksie and it seems a lot of fans want them to dump ford and keep armstead.

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My FA expectation is 1 splash signing, which seems to be Quinn’s MO
Like most, I’m hoping that is a DT
The balance of FA signings will likely be comprised of mostly adequate starters
It’s a shame we don’t have a deeper roster yet

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