Looking at the first rounds hauls around the NFL

How do the Eagles not win a Super Bowl after this draft?

The Fletcher Cox and Jordan Davis inside. Good God. Solid Edge guys. Slay as a lockdown CB for probably another year.

They now have AJ Brown to pair with DeVonte Smith, who will get better this year, plus an obscene offensive line. I remember Bob Quinn being enamored with their rugby playing LT, so glad he managed to screw that up as well.

The only thing they don’t have is a QB. Interesting case study for the Lions strategy, although the Lions have a better QB situation IMO.

.The Packers: People are ripping them for the WR situation but they just picked up two starters on an already decent front seven. That front seven looks pretty formidable with Quay Walker lining up next to All Pro DeVondre Campbell and Devonte Wyatt giving an interior rush presence. And they still have Day 2 to get some guys for Aaron. And you know that will go. By playoff time those youngsters will be rounded into shape for the run.

Any other drafts you guys liked?

I get the feeling that Quay Walker is going to line up next many people for them.
I think they are looking at him as a cover LB, blitzer, and even possibly edge rusher in certain situations. Quay actually was a DE and OLB in high school, and had to learn to play inside.

I have a bad feeling they will end up with Skyy, Watson, or Pickens… and whoever they get will ball out.

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Three day-1 starters and impact players.


New York Teams…

The Jets got solid value at each pick (Jermaine Johnson at, was it, 27? is ridiculous value) and filled big needs.

The Giants got two pillars at two premium positions. I especially love getting Neal at 7 similar to how the Lions got Sewell at 7 although I think Sewell is a level higher than Neal in terms of upside.

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Yea Jets and Giants killed it.

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Jets got 3 guys rated in the top 10 by DJ… and most everyone else.
That is a crazy haul…

speaking of Jermaine Johnson… how did the Chiefs not trade up to get him if they wanted an edge rusher???

They have plenty of picks… and not that many needs.


I think this more or less shows you why we shouldn’t put much stock into what the “talking heads” think.

I still think Johnson is a great prospect… so it doesn’t tell me much yet.
If I were the Chiefs… I sure as heck would have been happier to flip a mid-round pick and have Johnson over Karlaftis.

Edit…. I will also point out that the Jets tried to trade up with multiple teams PRIOR to getting a deal done. They stated JJ was in their top 8 prospects… a VERY specific number. Even if they exaggerated that number a bit… it is clear they agreed with “the talking heads” that he was too good to not pursue.


I was thinking that in real time too.

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AJ Brown
Cam “Jackinov Witt” Jurgens
Nakobe Dean

Pretty nice group indeed.

In addition to those already mentioned, the Ravens.