Lot of you guys had some sharp criticism

For my post about Mack. I think with Mack, we would be looking down at everyone this year, not waiting for one more draft to fill out the team, only to find out the next year, the same damn thing is happening times 60 years. Is it too much to ask for a GM with the balls to take a shot, or an owner with the resolve to demand better, or some players that give a shit and complete the assignments. Or a coach who deals out consequences. I’m coach and Roberts is streeted before we board the plane. I wouldn’t even let him fly home with the team. We’ll mail you your last check. Here is a voucher, you can take your flight to anywhere in the contiguous U. S… Announce it on the flight. If you do not give 100%, the next steps you take will be the road to the unemployment office. Bye!

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We lack difrence makers. That’s the honest truth. Have you seen the probowl ballots?

No Lions are on the ballot. That means there’s not a player on the Lions ranked in the top 10 at his position.

Mack is a great player. I’d love to have him but Bob Quinn knows we’re not a Mack away from being a real contender.

I firmly believe that if BQ felt we were close he would have sold the farm for a player like Mack.

But here’s the BQ dilemma. He knew coming in that he had to fix the run game before this team would ever be consistently competitive. So he’s ponied up big in both FA and the draft. We’ve seen improvement in blocking and our run game is improving but it’s still very poor. We’ve passed on difrence makers in order to shore up our OL. (Which I believe was the right move) We still need investments on our OL. My guess is we move on from Lang and possibly even Wagner this offseason. Unfortunately we know lack top end talent accross the board.

This teams never going to be competitive with above 500 teams until we have better talent both in the trenches but also at the skill positions. That’s the unfortunate truth.

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Harrison is a beast. Ziggy was pretty good the last couple of games.
By the end of the season Ford could blossom.
Hand is a beast in his first season.
Walker is coming on.
Ziggy will be hard to replace, but, the rest of the line is pretty good.
Mack would be nice, but, the price tag is too much!

The whole idea is to win a Super Bowl, right? The Bears played their hand, going essentially all-in to win this year or next. Khalil Mack is a linebacker and won’t be Khalil Mack in 2020. He just won’t. Father time beats everyone. However, if Chicago can win it all this year or next, then it looks like an awesome get. If they don’t, then they’ve mortgaged the future only to come up short.

The Lions aren’t the type of franchise to make that gamble. Maybe they should, or maybe Mack wouldn’t have had the same kind of impact on a Matt Patricia scheme, who knows.

Either way, time will tell …


So, you’re picking the Bear’s to go to the Super Bowl?

Nope, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they did. My point is they belong in the conversation.

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Well, it’s your site. You’re entitled to your opinion.:joy:

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Jesus help me I think I’m ok with Magic Beans at this point. I think Mack would have been a great get. Ziggy getting the tag was probably the first sign we were screwed this year…

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Are you sure they didn’t try to get him? Maybe they asked and he was too much for us at this point in time?

Bears are A LOT closer to it this year, next year, and the year after than we are for sure. I would take that.
Our problem , like others, is what we pay the QB. Of the 10 highest paid QBs only Brees and maybe Luck if they can get in will make the playoffs. All the rest have QBs in the 12-29th range. You can’t built a winner anymore without having the cap space build everywhere

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Absolutely agreed.

You know why the Bears were able to get Mack??..

Because their starting QB hasn’t been paid, yet.

I rest my case.


Stafford and Mack’s cap hit would be the same as Drew Brees and Cam Jordan’s

Hell this year and next year its Stafford and Ziggy’s cap number are comparable to what Mack and Stafford make.

The Bears are going to end up only giving up 2 1st in the mid 20s, a 3rd to get

Mack and a 2nd round pick that might be the 1st pick in the 2nd round.

So a 1st, 3rd and moving down maybe 10 spots in the draft for Khalil Mack.

I don’t care who your quarterback is or what he makes you make that trade.

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My thoughts exactly. The Lions could have cut Ziggy outright. Hasn’t given us 1 million worth of performance. Mack’s money would have disappeared. And, then Tate doesn’t go away, maybe, and we get a shot at the playoffs. The only thing we have now is a shot at a top five pick.

Love what Mack brings and he is a true difference maker on the field and I think he is one in the locker room too.

My only concern bringing him in was cost in both picks and cap. As stated elsewhere, this team is completely lacking difference makers. I am ok not paying that price. I probably would have been ok paying it as well.

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Some of you seem to forget Snacks.
Okay, he’s not quite Mack, but, he’s pretty damned good…and he didn’t break the bank!
This melt down is on Quinn and Patricia.
I repeat, Quinn spent two off seasons building a 4-3, that Patricia dismantled. Last seasons most consistant pass rusher, a Quinn draft pick, got shipped off to Cleveland.
Then there are the 2 offensive line blunders. Lang and Wagner. What would this line look like with Warford and Reif?

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Reiff was not going to accept RT money. We weren’t going to pay him LT money to play RT.

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OMG! I spelled his name wrong! Well, throw my argument out. I’m obviously an idiot.
I’m fine with trading Stafford and rebuilding for the next decade. No sweat off my ass.
I’m a Lionized fan. This is my 51st season.

I wasn’t criticizing your spelling. I just quoted it for the purpose of making my substantive point. Was I supposed to follow suit and spell it wrong also?

Take a Midol.


Touche! That’s where not hearing a voice has it’s drawbacks.
You’re forgiven.:rofl:

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