Love/Hate: What ya saying Jamaal?

I love this guy, but his take on the Lions playing it smart in FA sucks. Ya got no-one to blame but you and your agent JWill!


Seems like we’re getting mixed messages as to what the Lions offer really was from insiders. I’m honestly over it. Loved JW, wanted him back, but it’s time to move on. Hope he does well in NO and our new guy kills it here. He sounds like a great guy.


We replaced him with a younger, better running back.

I’m sort of over this.


I love Jamaal and will miss him. His enthusiasm is infectious.
His production in the red zone may be harder to replace than we think.
There’s a reason Barry’s record stood for so long!
I understand the reasoning. I just hope it doesn’t bite us in the ass.


I don’t care. Still love the guy. Doesn’t impact how I feel about the Lions’ brass.


Honestly I don’t know, one one hand this guy 110% bought in the BNL culture

On the other hand, had he played with a stat hound QB, perhaps Goff has 35-40 TD passes

At the end of the day, I believe the Lions upgraded

Dammit but there it is


We really dont know what our offer was. I guess it is possible that we only offered like 2 years $6M


I liked Jamaal, and will miss him.

That being said, he has to explain why he didn’t return to the Lions and instead went to the Saints. He can’t say “I overplayed my hand, and thought I was worth more to them.” He can only say, “They disrespected me, didn’t offer me enough, etc.”

I do believe both sides negotiated in what they felt was good faith. I think Jamaal’s idea was to shoot for the moon and hope for the stars. When he overplayed his hand, the Lions moved on quickly to a younger, more talented option and invested accordingly.

Jamaal found himself on the outside looking in, and is jilted about it. I am sure he never assumed the Lions would move on that quickly. Things happened, and it is what it is.


That’s bizz in the NFL. If JMall is butt hurt, so be it. I will take an upgrade from Brad at similar $$ any day!

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They both signed really two year deals an from what I hear it may have been more agent than Jamaal .
The third is nothing that will make a team keep them.

I think agent pushed Lions for more an they moved on they had a number an agent said he will get more an woops Lions signed Monty


End of the day, J-Will (or most likely his agent) said they were going to shop around and Brad Holmes didn’t have time to sit around.

Brad hung up the phone and shut the door on it and went for someone else. Period.

And no matter how anyone feels about Williams, that’s what a good GM should do. I actually credit Brad for this. Stick to the plan and don’t let the emotions get involved. He’s not a fan, he’s the GM.


I don’t know what the Lions offer was….
but his 3 yr and $12 mill to the Saints is about all I would have offered as well.

He is a great dude….
but not worth >$5 million.


I think he’s saying he got less money than the Lions offered him and he plays for the pitiful Saints now. And he wishes he had a do-over.

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Idk man I believer Jamal that they “had their mind made up“ and offered him what he considered to be disrespectful. And it was because the lions wanted an upgrade. Giving him a contract was almost doing him a favor and forcing us to have to make a move in the draft.

I think they always wanted to upgrade from Jamal. I Mean who wouldn’t?

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Jamaal being dramatic? That’s a shocker. I imagine before we play them he’s going to find the nearest camera and whip up a river of tears about how he was disrespected and how much he loves his teammates. And Pokemon. And puppies.


perception is in the eye of the believer…

sometimes its better to not speak and just move on …

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This may not be a popular opinion but I honestly think the team is in a different place now and a guy like Jamaal might end up being a distraction with his antics.

He was the perfect personality for this team the past couple seasons because a team with so many on field struggles needed somebody who could make his teammates laugh and help lift the mood in the locker room after so much frustration with the results on the field.

However I think the team has now moved past that stage and is now in a position to be a serious contender. I don’t think the team needs any potential distractions from players clowning around acting like children even if it’s well intentioned.

This team should be all business, the time for clowning around to keep up morale is over and I honestly think an all business no-nonsense guy like David Montgomery is a better fit for where the team is at going into this next season.

Jamaal was great and I’ll always appreciate his time here in Detroit but I just think it was better for everybody for him to move on to another team that is going to potentially struggle so he can have the same effect on them.


The Lions gave him a deadline to make a decision. That didn’t happen so the Lions moved on. They didn’t want the scrap RBs in free agency so they acted quickly.

From Detroits Facebook page on Williams

From my understanding talking to a source, Jamaal Williams was given a deadline of when to come to a decision before the new league year. When it became apparent it wouldn’t be the same process as John Cominsky (Quick) Brad Holmes and the Lions went on the process to replace Williams.

The one thing that was told to me, and was the main point of why they acted quickly into running back, “We didn’t want to be left with leftovers, and sometimes you have to make calculated decisions that aren’t easy, but necessary”


Well put! As a fan seeing him in small doses it was awesome. Imaging that childlike exuberance all the time in the locker room could be wearing. He has a truly fun and unique personality. He played hard and gave 100%. Perfect for the last 2 years.

I trusted him 100% on 3 and 1 or short and goal. He was money behind that line getting the final yard. I never really trusted him on 3rd and 4 or when the defense was selling out to stop the run.

Montgomery looks like an upgrade to me who was doing more with less. Wish Jamaal the best and hopefully his sour grapes go away quickly as the new season starts.