Love/Hate: What ya saying Jamaal?

I feel like that will be handled through back channels. The lions will tell other agents what they offered if it comes up and it will be a non issue.

I understand jamaal was hurt or upset but he could have handled that situation differently. All he had to say was that unfortunately both sides couldn’t come to an agreement and they had to move forward.

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Solid post Slay. Teams do lie and try to play the PR game. All businesses do that.

Jamaal was well-liked and respected. The Lions have an interest in looking like they made a solid offer. I get that and most here get that too.

What gets me however is Jamaal hasn’t said SPECIFICALLY that the Lions offer was a low ball offer. Jamaal said he felt disrespected. No one is talking details. Jamaal ISN’T saying the Saints paid him more so he took it. That would make him and his brand look bad (chasing’ the $).

The Lions say they made a similar offer. Jamaal says he felt disrespected. Each side is spinning here. There was an offer.
The truth is likely somewhere in the middle:
The Lions made him an offer he didn’t like. Maybe 2 V. 3 years or less guaranteed money? No one is talking details.
Williams balked.
The Lions sign a different back and Williams takes an offer many here would have felt good about for both sides (3 years for roughly $4 million/season). The Lions were going to get a veteran RB in free agency.

What gets me is a small detail in the Lions offer:
They gave him a timeline. Jamaal seems to have opted to use the Lions offer to get more $. A logical move.

The Lions didn’t wait.

If Jamaal was do insulted by the offer the story should be talks broke down. But…an offer WAS made that expired at some point.

Jamaal isn’t saying the Saints paid him more $.

This feels to me like the Lions offer was competitive with the Saints offer. The Jamaal deal expired and the Lions signed a back they likely wanted more. End of story.

My GUESS is the Lions offered something very close to what he took to be with the Saints. Jamaal felt disrespected by the Lions then he likely took the best deal he could get. That is how I read it.

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So New Orleans doesn’t have people on Bohrbon street that will pick-pocket you and stick a knife in your back??

And where did you get them numbers ….94.3 percent….man I can’t even take you serious

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My feeling is also that jamaal and his agent placed a lot of emphasis on his 1k season and especially the 17 touchdowns. Which is what they should do. It’s a special accomplishment. However, it’s brad’s job to look at things objectively. Jamaal is a solid running back but he isn’t a special talent. That’s what’s gotten lions gm’s in the past in trouble. They start overpaying average talents because of sentimental reasons or because they drafted poorly and have no other choice.


Rookie contracts can be re-negotiated after the third year.

I probably should have been more clear about that, see the below:

2023 Compare Cities Crime:

Detroit, MI vs New Orleans, LA

Change Cities

Detroit, MI New Orleans, LA United States
Violent Crime 94.3 49.1 22.7
Property Crime 66.7 56.8 35.4

Do I hear you right, Swift should have been renegotiated with? Does he deserve a pay bump at this time?

If you are going to pay the 44th ranked RB 6 mil a year, yes.

All good @Cap. We are all entitled to have opinions. We certainly disagree on this one.

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GMFB discussing the disrespect comments by JW.
Kyle Brandt, too much is being made of JW’s year last year and his record TD’s etc, love the guy but…

Tom Pelissaro(sp?) I can tell you the Lions offered at least 1m more per year than the Saints when he didn’t take it they made sure they got a RB they wanted.

Sara Walsh; I have no issue with the comments, but the Lions got a good younger RB.

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Do you agree with paying DM 6 mil a year, if so, why? What do you think makes a RB feel disrespected?

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It’s the going market rate. gotta pay to get players.

I guess it depends on what you believe…

Did Derrick have Jamaal over for a sleepover or something?

No, Anzalone did.