LT is becoming a huge issue

Was really hoping Decker would bounce back to the form of his rookie year.That wasn’t the case though penalties and missed blocks killed drives.What the hell is it just a bad game or do you think he can turn it around.


Trade Decker to Washington for Trent Williams and a 2nd. We would need a hacker to delete all of the Arizona game film from existence.

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I saw Patricia and Bevell kind of snipping at each other for about 2 seconds on camera. I am pretty sure they were bitching about Decker.

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What lead to this kid collapsing so spectacularly? We were all so high on him after year one …

Wish I had an answer. Maybe Jeff Davidson…? IDK.

Decker has lost all confidence. He’s got the Chuck Knoblauch Yips. (look it up)

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Well, Chandler Jones is kind of good from I hear…but yeah, Decker was beat like a drum all day.

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And Suggs

Those were the guys he was lotat all day

Still he can’t get beat that often no mattwho is across from him

Holy crap I remember watching him in the playoffs as a kid … BRUTAL!

Now I look back and just feel horrible for the guy.

After watching Decker tonight I kinda understand signing all those backup QBs.


Decker’s regression is massive.

He was not playing elite DEs today, either.


Next year, draft a LT high, slide Decker to the right?

Trade for a lt?

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Im afraid Patricia may eat Decker before its all over …


It’s incredibly scary to be honest. How exactly is he supposed to block Hunter and Mack.


You can help both OT’s by playing two TE’s (12 or 22 personnel) more. This will of course limit Hock’s receiving attempts if they have to use him as a pass blocker all the time. Left tackles are supposed to be your rock. This affects everything.

Or Bosa and Ingram next week.

Yes. they will need to put Jesse James or Hock next to him on 70% of the plays.
This limits the play calling options, but apparently, so does the coaching staff when watching yesterday’s fourth quarter.

I would add three or four plays a game where they have Stafford role right away from Decker too.

Could he already have an injury issue?